April 15, 2024

Dole Blueberries Also Recalled in Canada For Possible Cyclospora

Dole Blueberries are also being recalled in Canada for possible cyclospora contamination.  That same product is being recalled in the United States as well. The recalling company in Canada is Save-On-Foods LP. The blueberries were sold in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon, and may have been sold nationally at the consumer level. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with the consumption of these berries.

Dole Blueberries Also Recalled in Canada For Possible Cyclospora

The fresh Dole Blueberries were sold in three package sizes. The 170 gram size has the UPC number 0 71430 01150 8 and the codes 14632, 15032, 15046, 15646, and 15648. The 510 gram package size has the UPC number 0 71430 01154 6 and the codes 14632, 14732, 15032, 15046, 15232, 15446, 15432, 15646, and 15648. Finally, the blueberries were also sold in 1 pint containers. That product has the UPC number 0 71430 01151 5 and codes 15032, 15046, 15132, 15148, 15146, 15232, 15332, 15646, and 15648.

Cyclospora is a microscopic parasite that usually contaminates fresh fruit, vegetables, and water in tropical regions of the globe. The parasite must undergo a maturing cycle outside the human body before it becomes infectious, which is why this infection is not passed person-to-person. Foods contaminated with the cyclospora parasite do not look, taste, or smell different and the texture is not affected.

Symptoms of a cyclospora infection include watery and explosive diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, weight loss, and severe upset stomach. The diarrhea can seem to go away, then suddenly recur without warning. People can be sick for months unless they are treated.

If you purchased these products, do not eat them. You can throw them away or take them back to the place of purchase for a full refund.

If you did eat the blueberries and have been ill with the symptoms of cyclosporiasis, see your doctor. You may have to ask for the test for this pathogen, since doctors do not order it routinely.

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