May 28, 2024

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween With Tips From the FDA

Have a safe and happy Halloween with tips from the FDA. This holiday has some hazards that parents should watch out for.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween With Tips From the FDA

First of all, make sure that kids do not snack on treats from their bags while they are out trick-or-treating. They should have a snack or a meal before they head out so they aren’t tempted. You should always inspect their candy and treats before they are allowed to eat them.

Tell children not to accept, and certainly not eat, anything that isn’t commercially wrapped. The means no homemade treats. And look for signs of tampering in commercially wrapped treats, such as discoloration, unusual appearance, tiny pinholes, or tears in the wrappers. Throw away anything that may look strange or suspicious.

If your child has a food allergy, you need to be especially vigilant. Read all ingredient labels on foods to make sure that the food they are allergic to isn’t in the snack. Once again, this is another reason to avoid any home-baked goods or treats.

If you have very young children, remove any choking hazards among the treats, including gum, peanuts, small toys, or hard candies.

If you are going to bob for apples, always rinse them well under cool running water, use a produce brush, and dry the apples before you use them. Change the water every time a person bobs for the apples.

And never serve unpasteurized cider or juice at your parties. These products have been contaminated with dangerous pathogens such as Salmonella. Always buy only pasteurized products to serve at your parties.

Finally, don’t let your kids eat raw cookie dough or cake batter while you are baking for your parti. And keep all perishable foods chilled until serving time; that includes sandwiches, cheese platters, salads, cold pasta dishes, and cream pies or cakes.

Have a safe and happy Halloween with these tips!

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