December 7, 2021

Kalorik Pro Electric Steakhouse Grill Recalled For Shock Potential

The Kalorik Pro Electric Steakhouse Grill 1500F is being recalled because it may pose a shock hazard, according to a notice posted on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website. Incorrectly electroplated knobs on the grills can pose an electric shock hazard to users after the grill has fully preheated. There have been reports that five people received electric shocks from these grills, including three in the United States and two in Canada.

Kalorik Pro Electric Steakhouse Grill Recalled For Shock Potential

The grill was manufactured in China. The importer is Team International Group of America Inc., doing business as Kalorik, of Miami Gardens, Florida.

The recalled item is the Kalorik Pro Electric Steakhouse Grill 1500F, Model number KPRO Gr 45602. The grill has a stainless steel finish. The words “Kalorik Pro” are engraved on the front of the grill above the rectangular grill opening. There is a digital display between two control knobs on the front of the grill below the grill opening. The grill is about 14 inches long by 10 inches wide by 16 inches high. About 3,525 of these grills were sold in the United States, and about 71 were sold in Canada.

The recalled grills are identified by the date code and PO number, and “Model KPRO GR 45602” that are printed on a silver label located on the back of the grill.  The date codes and PO number pairs are: 2019 and PO20-0065; 2026 and PO20-0259; 2032 and PO20-0305; and 2033 and PO20-0336.

If you purcahed this Kalorik Pro Electric Steakhouse Grill with those date codes, PO numbers, and model number, stop using it immediately. You can contact Kalorik for a free repair kit to replace the electroplated control knobs. In addition, Kalorik is contacting all purchasers directly to notify them about this issue.

Kalorik provided this information to us:

We are sending out DIY replacement kits to all owners over the next three weeks to change the knobs. We have a recall resources page on our website, giving customers all the information needed regarding the recall, including an instructional video on changing the knobs and a letter to customers. As a courtesy, we’re extending 20% discount codes to all customers for their trouble.
For questions, you can email the company using the email address in the customer letter posted on the recall resources page.

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