October 6, 2022

Roots & Harvest Pint Canning Jars Recalled For Laceration Hazard

Roots & Harvest Pint Canning Jars are being voluntarily¬†recalled for a possible laceration hazard, since pieces of glass may be in some of the recalled jars. The glass pieces could cut your fingers when you reach into the jars, or the glass could get mixed with food placed into the jars. No injures have been reported to the company to date in connection with this problem. About 15,800 jars are included in this recall. The jars were manufactured in India, and the importer is LEM Products Distribution LLC of West Chester, Ohio. The recall is for Wide Mouth Pint Canning Jars that were sold in 12 packs in a cardboard sleeve that is stink wrapped in clear plastic. The jars are clear glass with the Roots & Harvest brand molded on each jar. The jars have a metal lid and screw on … [Read more...]

IKEA METALLISK Espresso Makers Recalled For Burn Hazard

IKEA METALLISK Espresso Makers are being recalled for possible burn and injury hazards. The firm has received 16 reports of espresso makers bursting. Four reports of burns, scald injuries, and hearing damage have been reported, but none are in the United States. The espresso makers were sold at the retail level in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. About 2,100 of these products were sold in the United States, 5,200 were sold in Canada, and 200 were sold in in Mexico. The espresso makers with a stainless steel safety valve can burst and spew out hot contents. The recall is for IKEA METALLISK Espresso Makers with a stainless-steel safety valve for cooktop 0.4.1. The label engraved on the bottom of the product includes the IKEA logo, other product information, and a date stamp … [Read more...]

First Choice Glass Baby Bottles Recalled For Violation of Lead Ban

First Choice Glass Baby Bottles that were sold exclusively on Amazon are being recalled because they violate the Federal Lead Content Ban. The recall is for NUK-branded Firsts Choice Glass Baby Bottles that were manufactured for the UK market only and were not intended for sale in the United States. The glass bottles have a latex teat intended for infants 0 to 6 months old. The bottles are 240 mL size. The brand name NUK is in white lettering, a graduated volume scale is on the bottle in white markings, and white and gray stars are on the outside of the bottle. The bottles were manufactured by Mapa GmbH of Zeven, Germany, and imported by Astir Care Ltd. of Birmingham, Great Britain. They were sold online at Amazon from January 2018 through May 2022 for about $20.00. About 100 … [Read more...]

Aesop Bathroom Deodorizing Drops Recalled For Packaging

Aesop Bathroom Deodorizing Drops and Oil Burner Blends are being recalled because they failed to meet child resistant packaging requirements, posing a risk of poisoning. These products contain low-viscosity hydrocarbons, which must be in child safe packaging as required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act. The label on the products also violates the Federal Hazardous Substances Act by omitting the mandatory information on the packaging. There have been three reports of skin irritation in the United States involving the Oil Burner Blends, with no report of medical treatment. The recalling firm is Emeis Cosmetics Pty. Ltd. of Collingwood, Victoria, Australia. The importer is Aesop USA Inc. of New York. About 154,300 of these products were sold in the United Sates, and about 21,900 … [Read more...]

Electrolux Refrigerators Recalled For Ice Maker Choking Hazard

Electrolux Refrigerators, including Frigidaire models, are being recalled because of an ice maker choking hazard. The ice level detector arm in these refrigerators can break into pieces and fall into the ice bucket. Electrolux has received 185 reports of the ice level detectors breaking, including one report of gum lacerations. The refrigerators were sold at Home Depot and appliance stores nationwide and online at Frigidaire's web site from April 2020 through March 2022 for between $1,200 and $4,300. The refrigerators were manufactured in the United States, Mexico, and Thailand. About 367,500 units were sold in the United States, and about 7,180 were sold in Canada. The recall is for 13 models of Frigidaire refrigerators and one Electrolux refrigerator model. The refrigerators … [Read more...]

DEMDACO Microwavable Bowl Holders Recalled For Fire Hazard

DEMDACO Microwavable Bowl Holders are being recalled because they can be a fire hazard and may cause burns, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. There have been three reports of charring from the bowl holders catching fire, but no injuries have been reported to date. The recalling firm is Demdaco of Leawood, Kansas. The holders were imported from India. About 56,200 of these holders were sold in the United States, and 369 were sold in Canada. They were available at gift shops, hardware stores, florists, drug stores, and pharmacies nationwide and also sold online at Demdaco.com, Target.com, Amazon.com and Zulily.com from June 2020 through March 2022 for about $23. The problem is that the fabric can char after being microwaved for the suggested three minute time … [Read more...]

Kroger Aspirin and Ibuprofen Recalled For No Child Resistant Packaging

Kroger aspirin and ibuprofen are being recalled for lack of child resistant packaging as required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act. This poses a risk of poisoning young children get ahold of these products. About 209,430 bottles are being recalled. The importing firm is Time-Cap Labs of Farmingdale, New York for the ibuprofen. Both products were distributed by The Kroger Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. The aspirin was made in the U.S. and the ibuprofen was manufactured in India. The Kroger aspirin ia packaged in bottles with green and yellow labels that state "Kroger, Low Dose, Aspirin, 81 mg Delayed-Release Tablets / Pain Reliever, 300 enteric coated tablets.." the bottle has a green continuous thread gear closure. The Kroger ibuprofen has a blue and white label that states, … [Read more...]

Acetaminophen Recalled For Non Child Resistant Packaging

There brands of acetaminophen are being recalled because the bottles do not meet the child resistant packaging requirement, posing a risk of poisoning, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Child resistant packaging is required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act. No incidents or injuries have been reported in relation to any of these recalls. The first two recalls are for acetaminophen produced by Aurohealth. The first recall is for Walgreens Acetaminophen. About 137,300 bottles were sold nationwide from October 2021 through April 2022. The recalled product is Walgreens, Easy Open for Adults, Pain Reliever, Acetaminophen, 500 mg, Fever Reducer, Extra Strength, 150 caplets. The UPC number is 311917218090. The lot numbers with expiration date Nov-2022 are: P2100627, … [Read more...]

Hisense Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerators Recalled

Hisense Bottom Freezer French Door refrigerators are being recalled because they may pose an impact injury hazard. The refrigerators were sold exclusively at Lowe's stores. The door hinge can break, so the door can detach when the consumer tries to open the doors. There have been 139 reports of the doors loosening or detaching, and five injury reports, including foot bruises and lacerations. The recalling firm is Hisense USA of Suwanee, Georgia. The refrigerators were sold nationwide and online at Lowe's stores from August 2020 through February 2022 for about $1500.00. The recall is for Hisense USA's 26.6 cubic foot capacity stainless steel French door refrigerators with ice maker. The model number of this product is HRF266N6CSE and the cereal numbers that are recalled are … [Read more...]

BIBS Baby Bottles Recalled For Possible Burn Hazard

BIBS Baby Bottles are being recalled¬†for a possible burn hazard. Hot liquids in the bottle can make the bumper on the bottom of the bottle shrink, so thee bottle can tilt over and spill out the contents. The recalling firm is BIBS Denmark ApS. The bottles were manufactured in Denmark. The recall is for the BIBS Baby Glass Bottle Complete Set that was sold in a 110 ml or 225 ml bottle set. There is a rubber bumper at the bottom. Also recalled is thee BIBS Bottle Kit which is only the accessories including the rubber bumper and no glass bottle. The bottles are clear glass with a gray cap and bumper. BIBS and a measuring guide are written on the bottles. The company has received one report of the BIBS baby bottles bumper shrinking and the bottle tilting. No injuries have been … [Read more...]

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