June 21, 2024

Del Maguey Copitas Cups Recalled For Leachable Lead

Del Maguey Copitas Cups are being recalled because they may exceed FDA guidance levels of leachable lead. Lead is a heavy metal that can cause serious health problems. No illnesses have been reported to the company to date in connection with this issue. The promotional ceramicware cups are used for drinking Mezcal, an alcoholic beverage made from agave. The recalling firm is Del Maguey Company of New York, New York.

Del Maguey Copitas Cups Recalled For Leachable Lead

Exposure to larger amounts of lead can cause lead poisoning. The extent of the poisoning depends on the amount and duration of exposure.

The copitas were distributed free of charge to consumers at retail locations, events, and tastings across the country. The cups were also included in value-added packs sold by retail stores since October 2022. The packs included a 750 ml bottle of Del Maguey Vida de Muertos mezcal and 4 copitas. This recall covers all copitas distributed by Del Maguey to date.

The cup is made of red clay, with applied enamel on the surface that holds liquid. The cups hold a maximum of one ounce, and measures 2.5 inches wide and 1 inch in height. The brand name “Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal” is embossed on the cup. And the word “Mexico” is pressed on the inside of the cup.

No Del Maguey spirit products are included in this recall. The mezcal included in the packs has not been exposed to the copitas and is safe to consume.

If you have those Del Maguey Copitas cups, discard them. Do not use them to drink anything. Anyone experiencing any adverse events should see their doctor.


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