June 16, 2024

Import Alert For Morel Mushrooms Imported by a Company in France

The FDA issued Import Alert 25-02 for morel mushrooms imported from a company in France on May 23, 2022 because, in the past, shipments of canned and dried mushrooms were detained because of the presence of Gyromitra esculenta, or false morel. This species can produce monomethylhydrazine (MMH), which is a toxin that can cause severe gastrointestinal illnesses and, in some cases, death.

FDA Import Alert For Morel Mushrooms Imported From China

The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) identified another species, Verpa bohemica, or early morel, which can also cause illness in some people. All morel mushrooms imported from that company and false morel mushrooms, also imported from that company, in the form of fresh, canned, and dried, are subject to this import alert until further notice.

Morel mushrooms are a distinctive mushroom with a spongy texture that are prized for their flavor. They are usually harvested through foraging in the spring.

All morel mushrooms from that company can be detained without physical examination. To secure release of individual shipments, the owner, consignee, or other responsible party must provide evidence that demonstrates the mushrooms do not bear or contain monomethylhydrazine (MMH), or Verpa bohemica. Private laboratory analysis can suffice.

The FDA may collect and analyze audit samples before rendering a final decision on the admissibility of the mushrooms even after evidence of lab analysis has been received.

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