March 23, 2023

Raw Bone-in Goat Products Recalled For Lack of Inspection

Raw bone-in goat products that were imported from Australia are being recalled for lack of inspection, according to the USDA. These items needed to be presented at the border for import reinspection, and were not. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with the consumption of these items. The recalling firm is Dahlia Imports LLC of Newark, New Jersey.

Raw Bone-in Goat Products Recalled For Lack of Inspection

These frozen, raw bone-in goat items were imported on or around April 11, 2022 and September 28, 2022. The recalled products include:

35.27 pound cases of “BONE-IN GOAT CUBED PIECES”  that contain 2.2 pound plastic bags of “BONE-IN GOAT CUBES” with shipping mark WEX11734A printed on the case.

35.2 pound cases of “BONE-IN GOAT SKIN-ON CUBED PIECES BROWN” that contain 2.2 pound plastic bags of “BONE-IN GOAT CUBES BROWN SKIN-ON” with shipping mark WEX11734B, WEX11734C, or WEX11734D printed on the case.

Various weight (56-60 pound) cases of “BONE-IN GOAT ASSORTED CUTS BROWN SKIN-ON” with shipping marks WEX11734E, WEX11734F, WEX11533A, WEX11533B, WEX11533C, or WEX11533D printed on the case (no label available).

These products do not have the USDA mark of inspection on the label. Each box has the Australian establishment seal 101. The goat products were shipped to distributors in California, North Carolina, New York, and Ohio, and were further distributed to Arizona and other states. You can see pictures of product labels at the USDA web site.

FSIS is concerned that these products may be consumers’ and retailers’ freezers. If you purchased these products, do not eat them, even if you plan to cook them thoroughly, and do not sell or serve them. You can throw them away in a secure trash can, or you can take them back to the store where you bought them for a full refund.

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