June 25, 2024

Get Super Bowl Delivery and Takeout Food Safety Advice

Get Super Bowl delivery and takeout food safety advice from the USDA to keep your guests safe from food poisoning at your party. There are special rules for handling takeout and delivery foods.

Get Super Bowl Delivery and Takeout Food Safety Advice

If you ordered takeout or Super Bowl delivery foods the day before the game, make sure that someone is available to get the food inside your home and into the fridge in a timely manner. All food that is not going to be eaten immediately should be refrigerated. If you ordered the food for delivery the day of your party, refrigerate cold foods if it’s more than two hours before it’s time to eat. You may want to reheat foods before serving.

If you are serving food to groups, the two hour rule is critical. Perishable foods cannot be in the danger zone of 40°F to 140°F for more than two hours. In that range, bacterial counts can double every 20 minutes.

So keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Use heating trays, warming trays, chafing dishes, and slow cookers to keep food hot. To keep cold foods cold, serve in smaller portions on ice. Even with these aids, throw away the food that has been out and replace it with fresh food.

Refrigerate all leftovers promptly. Leftovers will last for there to four days in the refrigerator. You need to reheat leftovers to 165°F and measure that temperature with a food thermometer. Bring soups and sauces to a full rolling boil. Do not taste food to see if it’s safe; you can’t taste pathogens, and you may make yourself sick. When in doubt throw it out!

And remember the four crucial steps: clean (wash your hands), separate (keep raw meat and poultry away from uncooked foods), cook (cook to safe final internal temperatures) and chill (refrigerate foods promptly). Have a great party!

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