August 9, 2022

Maryland Introduces Bill to Stop Seafood Fraud

Are you sure that the fish and seafood you buy in the grocery store or at the fishmonger are properly labeled? Are you really buying red snapper, or a cheaper substitution? A Maryland legislator is introducing the "Maryland Seafood Authenticity and Enforcement Act", which the agency Oceana applauds. The legislation should help stop "seafood bait and switch" in that state. Seafood fraud is rampant in this country. A study by Oceana last year found that one-third of the seafood tested in the United States is mislabeled. Maryland Delegate Eric Luedtke (D-14) said in a statement, "to protect the public health, to protect the consumer, and to protect our watermen from unfair competition, Marylanders deserve to know that they are being served the seafood they ordered." Oceana campaign … [Read more...]

Oceana Reports Seafood Fraud Costs Consumers Money and Health

When you buy grouper fillets at your grocery store, are you really getting what you're paying for? A new study by Oceana confirms that you may not be, and that the cost of seafood fraud is mounting. On average, consumers are being cheated out of hundreds of dollars a year because cheaper fish species are being exchanged for more expensive types. For instance, if you want to buy grouper but the fish you are buying is actually tilapia, you are spending more than $4.00 more a pound. In a restaurant, that cost difference jumps to $12.00. You think you are eating a high quality fish, but you're getting a cheaper species worth half the price you're paying. Oceana senior scientist Margot Stiles said in a statement, "swapping a lower cost fish for a higher value one is like ordering a filet … [Read more...]

Congress Acts to Stop Seafood Fraud

Oceana, an advocacy group that works to protect the world's oceans, announced that Representative Edward Markey (D-MA) introduced the Safety and Fraud Enforcement for Seafood (SAFE) Act to address the growing problem of seafood fraud. Oceana released a study last month that showed 33% of seafood sold in the United States is mislabeled; some of the mislabeling can lead to serious health consequences. Oceana campaign director Beth Lowell said in a statement, "Seafood fraud is a national problem that requires federal attention. Rep. Markey should be applauded for his swift action to stop seafood fraud in the U.S. Seafood fraud not only cheats consumers, but it also hurts honest fishermen and seafood businesses along the supply chain. Oceana is calling on Congress to pass the SAFE Seafood … [Read more...]

Oceana Uncovers Nationwide Seafood Fraud

Oceana, the largest international advocacy group that works to protect the earth's oceans, has released a report uncovering widespread seafood fraud across the United States. Last year that organization reported on seafood fraud in New York City. The organization collected more than 1,200 samples of seafood from 674 retail outlets in 21 states from 2010 to 2012. The samples were DNA tested to see if the fish and seafood in the packages matched what was claimed on the labels. They found that 33% of the samples were mislabeled according to FDA guidelines. Fish sold as snapper and tuna was most often mislabeled. Eighty-seven percent of fish sold as "snapper" was mislabeled, while 57% of fish sold as "tuna" was mislabeled. Oceana says that "a comprehensive and transparent traceability … [Read more...]

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