June 20, 2024

Raw Milk Outbreak in Kansas: January 2012

There was an outbreak of Campylobacter foodborne illness from raw milk sold at a dairy in south central Kansas in January 2012. The first the public learned of it was in a March 16, 2012 press release by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Kansas Department of Agriculture.

Food Poisoning Bulletin contacted the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and requested information on the outbreak. They confirmed that an outbreak took place, but said this:

The report is currently going through internal review and it will be published to our website once it has been finalized. Our website where the report can be found once it is published is http://www.kdheks.gov/epi/outbreaks.htm

Eighteen people were sickened in that outbreak. There is no more information on the outbreak available, and there were no public service announcements about the incidents.

It is not legal to sell raw milk in retail outlets in Kansas, but consumers can buy unpasteurized milk and milk products directly from farmers at their dairy farms. Raw milk containers must be clearly labeled, and farmers can only advertise the product with a sign on the farm.

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