July 25, 2024

Salmonella Stanley Outbreak Closes McDonald’s in McLean County Illinois

The McDonald’s restaurant on South Main Street in Bloomington Illinois has closed voluntarily because of a link with a Salmonella Stanley outbreak in McLean County.  The outbreak is also linked to other restaurants in central Illinois.

Salmonella photoThe McLean County Health Department reports that human transmission may be the source of the bacteria rather than a specific food or foods. There is a confirmed link between one outbreak case and the McDonald’s in question.  Public health officials are waiting for more lab results before they proceed with the investigation. The Illinois Department of Public Health is also investigating the outbreak.

Patrons of restaurants reported becoming ill from October 18 to November 11, 2012. The employees of the McDonald’s restaurant are being tested to see if they are carriers for the outbreak strain of the bacteria. When they test negative, they will be allowed to return to work. The McLean Health Department has stated that “because of the low number of cases at this point in time, case numbers and personal information cannot be released.”

The symptoms of a Salmonella infection include fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. Salmonella Stanley infections can produce bloody diarrhea. If you ate at a restaurant in central Illinois and have experienced these symptoms, contact your health care provider. People in high risk groups, including young children, those with compromised immune systems and chronic health problems, and the elderly can experience severe complications from a Salmonella infection, including reactive arthritis and heart disease.

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