October 21, 2021

Are You Severely Allergic to Eggs? CDC Has New Influenza Vaccine

As strange as that headline sounds, it is exciting news for those with egg allergies. People with a severe allergy to eggs can usually not get an influenza vaccine, since the shots are produced using chicken eggs. The government has developed a new shot, which the CDC recommended today in a media release. The vaccines produced in the traditional way can actually contain egg proteins, which can cause allergic reactions.

Shell EggsFlublok was licensed by the FDA in January 2013. It doesn’t use the influenza virus or chicken eggs in the manufacturing process, but is grown with cell technology. Before this vaccine was developed, those with the flu could only wait until they developed symptoms, then take antivirals prescribed by a doctor.

For now, the vaccine is for people who are 18 through 49 years old. This new manufacturing process may also help drug makers make vaccines more quickly, which could be very helpful in a pandemic. Clinical studies have shown that Flublok is safe and effective and meets FDA standards for suitable influenza vaccines. Side effects are similar to other flu shots, including pain at the injection site, headache, fatigue, and muscle aches.


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