October 21, 2021

Food Safety a Top Concern for Floridians

Food Safety is a top concern for Floridians, according to a study by researchers from the Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida. Florida residents ranked food safety third on a list of 15 concerns, the economy and health care took the first two spots.

Petri DishMost people surveyed considered fruits and vegetables safe whether they were dried, frozen, canned or raw. Frozen fruits and vegetables were perceived as safest, with 73 percent of those surveyed agreeing or strongly agreeing that frozen vegetables were safe and 72 percent of those surveyed agreeing that frozen fruits were.

Of beef and pork products, steak was perceived as the safest item. Fifty five percent of respondents said they agreed or strongly agreed that steak was safe. Ground beef and sausage tied for the beef and pork products considered the least safe. Forty seven percent of those surveyed either agreeing or strongly agreeing that those products were safe.

Milk and eggs were regarded as safe by 65 percent and 66 percent of people surveyed. But just 51 percent of those surveyed perceived chicken as safe.

Growth hormones in food worried respondents more than the presence of bacteria that cause food poisoning such as E.coli, Salmonella and Listeria in food. Of those surveyed, 49 percent were moderately or extremely worried about growth hormones in food; 4o percent said they were moderately or extremely worried about bacteria in food.

Most people surveyed had some degree of worry about additives and preservatives in food.  Just 13 percent of those surveyed were not at all worried about preservatives; 11 percent were not worried about additives in food.

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