October 23, 2018

Green Hope Subject to Permanent Injunction for Violations of Food Safety Regulations

Green Hope LLC, doing business as Rosewood Products in Michigan has agreed to a consent decree of permanent injunction for violations of FDA food safety regulations. The decree was signed by Judge David M. Lawson in the Eastern District of Michigan on January 28, 2013. The company was sent a Warning Letter on May 6, 2011 informing them of the problems found by FDA inspectors. The company makes and distributes organic tofu, soy milk, and other products.

FDAlogoFDA inspections of the facility found many violations involving insanitary conditions.  FDA inspectors found that the company employees did not follow hygienic practices while on duty. One employee used his mouth to siphon liquid through a plastic hose from a kettle containing ready to eat tofu. Employees also handled tofu with bare, uncovered arms. Utensils and tools were used and cleaned improperly, causing water residue to come in contact with the food.

In addition, an employee “touched heavily soiled mechanical power switches, covered with a thick black colored residue, then immediately placed his hands into cooling steamed soy milk to remove the film formed on top.” Another employee’s work apron came into contact with the waste container, then came into contact with cloths used for pressing ready-to-eat tofu.

No illnesses have been reported to date implicating Rosewood Products’ food. Green Hope must stop operations until the FDA approves steps taking to bring the facility into full compliance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and FDA food safety regulations. The facility must be re-inspected before the plant is allowed to open.


  1. Gary Peters says:

    You should be more careful about incorrect articles published online. FDA found Rosewood in full compliance months before entry of the Consent Decree and the company never had to shut down. Please see revised FDA press release apologizing and admitting their error!

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