October 25, 2021

Horse DNA Found in Meat Pies From Latvia

Horse DNA has been found in meat pies from Latvia sold throughout the United Kingdom, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA). Horse meat was not listed as one of the ingredients in the frozen pies and they have been removed from the market.

HorseThe recalled products were made by Galdin Klajies in Latvia and distributed in the UK to small retail shops specializing in foods from Eastern Europe by Monolith UK Ltd. They were sold in  200g packages with a description on the label reading ‘pie with minced meat.’ Monolith tested the product and found that it contained  more than 1 percent of horse meat. The products are now being tested for phenylbutazone (bute), an anti-inflammatory drug used commonly in horses that poses a health risk to humans.

Monolith has informed its customers and withdrawn all supplies, but some consumers may still have the product in their freezers and should not eat it. The recalled batch has a “best before” date of 22 January 2014.

A European horse meat scandal, which began in January when health officials in Ireland announced that they had found horse and pig DNA in products that were supposed to contain only beef, had seemed to be over.  The FSA has spent months testing thousands of products throughout the United Kingdom to determine how widespread the problem was.


  1. Cynthia Renee says

    Yes recall it all, and see what connection all this horse meat hidden in the food supply there has to do with American horses being processed in Mexico and Canada. American horses are given all different types of medications and processed without withdrawal periods and no passport to show the entire animals history of medical care, which that really wouldn’t be reliable anyway, because many trainers and people use drugs they borrow and they keep drugs from one horse to use without prescription on another horse and they oftentimes use black market drugs on horses.

    We have to be careful what we are looking for in the meats because there are so many things that are able to pass through as natural remedies and such that are unregulated. We hope that our animals in the US are not slipping into these foods illegally. Its scary to us because we care about everyone no matter what country you are residing in. I don’t think anyone should endorse any product they cannot assure anyone is safe for their children to consume.

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