October 28, 2021

Retailers Just Say No To Genetically Engineered Salmon

Whole Foods, Aldi and Trader Joe’s are among the retailers who are saying no to selling genetically engineered salmon sold at their stores. The retailers are part of  “Campaign for Genetically Engineered (GE)-Free Seafood,” a coalition of consumer, health, food safety and fishing groups committed to preventing genetically engineered seafood from entering the marketplace.  The coalition is asking grocery stores, seafood companies restaurants and chefs to publicly commit to not knowingly purchasing or selling genetically GE salmon or other GE seafood.

Sockeye SalmonThe movement is growing as the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) conducts its final review of a genetically engineered (GE) salmon developed by AquaBounty of Massachusetts.  AquaBounty says its GE salmon, called “AquAdvantage Salmon,” can reach market size twice as fast as normal salmon, saving time and resources.  It would be the first GE animal approved for human consumption in the U.S.

One thing that’s troubling to coalition,  and to other consumers, is if the FDA approves the GE salmon it doesn’t plan to require that it be labeled. “Most consumers don’t want to eat genetically engineered salmon, but without mandatory labeling it will be hard for them to avoid. That’s why the stores who have committed to not to sell genetically engineered seafood are making a smart move and giving their customers what they want–a way to avoid this controversial, unnecessary biotech fish,” said Patty Lovera, assistant director of Food & Water Watch, a member of the coalition.



  1. I’m a biochemist. Normally I promote genetically modified foods. Unfortunately the fish industry is working diligently to remove the DHA brain vitamins from genetically modified salmon. I cannot condone this. Likewise canola has been genetically modified to remove essential brain vitamins. Such canola is marketed as heat stable or sold to MacDonalds.

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