October 19, 2018

Boston Shawarma Closed for Food Safety Violations

Health officials closed Boston Shawarma after finding more than a dozen food safety violations during an inspection. The violations discovered during an April 30 inspection included problems with food temperature, cross contamination and employee hygiene.

Storage problems included a box of rotten cucumbers stores in the walk-in cooler. Raw food was stored next to ready-to-eat food.

Holding temperatures included cooked chicken that was held at 125˚F and falafel held at 83˚F when both should have been held at 140 ˚F or above to prevent bacteria from rapidly multiplying. Cut tomatoes were held at 65˚F, stuffed olive leaves at 46˚F and garlic in oil at 57˚F  when all should have been held at or below 41˚F. The temperature of gyro meat on the vertical broiler should have been 165˚F but varied widely from 36˚F to 167˚F depending where the temperature was measured.

Sanitation problems included dirty floors, walls, shelves, and appliances; cutting boards that were heavily scored and soiled, equipment was not in working order, food contact and non-contact surfaces were all heavily soiled. No sanitizer was found on the premises.

The restaurant will be closed until all problems are addressed.


  1. Tami K. Hastings says:

    Had a convo yesterday with an educated man, originally from another country, concerning 3rd world food handling practices here in the USA. He was very upset that not every individual who immigrates here cares to follow the laws / standards of this country. Refreshing, to say the least.

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