May 26, 2024

Do You Know How to Keep Food Fresh and Safe?

An organization has developed an Infographic to help consumers keep their food fresh and safe. More than 40% of all food in the U.S. is thrown out every year.

Keepin-It-Fresh-InfographicThis type of waste is costly and hard on the environment. It’s estimated that food that is discarded costs $165 billion every year. And uneaten food is the single largest component of municipal waste in the U.S. This rotting food emits methane, a greenhouse gas.¬†And since 1 in 6 Americans is “food insecure”, meaning they don’t know where their next meal is coming from, food waste is hurting people.

The Infographic tells you the best place to store food in your refrigerator. For instance, did you know that the door isn’t a good place to store anything perishable, since it’s the warmest part of the appliance? Do you know how to control the moisture in produce bins so food stays fresh longer? And do you know how to keep your refrigerator working at its most efficient? Download the Infographic from and learn more.

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