May 24, 2024

Food Poisoning Outbreak in Jackson, MI Prison

According to the Michigan Corrections Organization (MCO), SEIU Local 526M, Michigan governor Rick Snyder is ordering performance reviews of a private company that provides foods to prison inmates. As of Sunday, June 29, 2014, 30 prisoners were treated for food poisoning after maggots were found near a food service line at the Parnall Correctional Facility.

Jail Prison BarsAnd MCO was told that “maggots were found on potatoes at RGC. Initially, Aramark staff told inmates to separate the bad potatoes from the good, and wash off the good potatoes. A facility administrator stepped in and the potatoes were not used.”

That provider, Aramark Correctional Services, was warned earlier this month because of food shortages and unapproved changes in menus. The governor told reporters, “that shouldn’t happen, in terms of the quality and safety of the food.”

And maggots near the food is not the only problem. Fruit flies, mice, contraband, and improper management of dangerous tools are also issues with Aramark. The current outbreak is not necessarily linked to pest contamination; officials are investigating and trying to find the cause of the illness.

The multi-million dollar Aramark contract was opposed by the union. The company cut more than 300 jobs after winning the contract for food service last year. Other complaints by inmates include undercooked food and long waits for meals, which are also food poisoning risks. Privatization of Michigan prisons has been a concern of the unions for quite some time. Aramark is supposed to maintain the food service equipment at the prison. The company was fined $100,000 in March 2014 after complaints.

Maggots can carry many different types of bacteria, as well as parasites. Flies lay their eggs on garbage, carrion, and feces; maggots then hatch from the eggs.



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