December 3, 2016

Outbreak at Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport, MS

News reports are stating that an investigation is being conducted at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport, Mississippi after a gastrointestinal outbreak. Forty-seven of the 514 residents of that facility reported symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Nine of the elderly residents had to be hospitalized. There is no official word on the pathogen responsible for this outbreak, but one news report quoted a retired state health department officer as calling it a "cruise ship illness" which is likely norovirus. Norovirus causes these symptoms, which occur quickly. The virus is extremely contagious and passes through populations such as care facilities and schools. The elderly are more susceptible to serious complications from this type of illness because dehydration … [Read more...]

Golden Ponds Restaurant in NY Closed After Outbreak

According to news reports, the Monroe County Health Department has asked Golden Ponds Restaurant in Greece, New York to close after an apparent food poisoning outbreak. At least 60 people got sick after eating Thanksgiving dinner at that restaurant. Dozens of people experienced violent diarrhea after that meal. Two people were hospitalized because their illnesses were so severe. Officials think that many more people could be sick but don't realize they may have food poisoning. Public health officials sent an inspector to the restaurant the day after Thanksgiving, and food leftover from the Thanksgiving meal was collected for testing. Lab tests will not be back for a few days. The inspection on Friday revealed violations that could levy fines. The owner is cooperating with the … [Read more...]

At Least 16 Sick After Thanksgiving at Antioch American Legion

According to the Contra Costa County Health Services, new cases have been reported that are related to a foodborne illness outbreak at the Antioch American Legion Thanksgiving dinner. A news conference about this outbreak was held November 29, 2016. Earlier reports stated that eight cases of possible foodborne illness were connected to that dinner. Three of those people have died. These illnesses and deaths were reported to Public Health on November 25 by Sutter Delta Medical Center in Antioch, California. All of those people ate food from the holiday event at the American Legion Hall. Now the department is investigating an additional eight people who were likely sickened by food or drink consumed at the same event. None of those people were hospitalized. News reports state that … [Read more...]

People Dead After Thanksgiving Meal at Antioch American Legion

CBS News is reporting that three people are dead and five are sick after eating a Thanksgiving meal at the Antioch American Legion Hall in California. All of those people were admitted to Sutter Delta Medical Center on Friday, November 25 and Saturday, November 26, 2016 with symptoms of food poisoning. Golden Hills Community Church was allegedly responsible for making the meal served to people that day, according to the report. Other food was donated from restaurants in the area, and volunteers made some of the food. Of the eight who were sickened, three people died, four were treated and then released, and one person is still hospitalized. Health Services spokeswoman Victoria Balladares said in a statement, "if it were a food borne outbreak, we'd expect to see a lot more people … [Read more...]

Foodborne Outbreak Sickens 40 in Shoals, Alabama

A foodborne illness outbreak in Shoals Alabama sickened at least 40 people last weekend, Karen Landers of the Alabama Department of Public Health told Food Poisoning Bulletin. Those sickened have symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fever. Six people have been hospitalized because their illnesses are so severe. The illnesses happened after a private event in Sheffield, Alabama, near Muscle Shoals. About 150 people attended that event. Public health officials believe that "while the number of ill persons and the hospitalized numbers may increase, we may be at the peak of the illness given the average incubation period and course of foodborne outbreaks." Test results may be available late in the week. Officials will not speculate on the "causative agent" at this … [Read more...]

Two Restaurants Shut Down in Washington for Food Outbreak

Two restaurants have been shut down in Redmond, Washington after a gastrointestinal outbreak sickened at least 12 people. Those patients were from a single party who ate at the vendor locations on October 30, 2016. The outbreak was reported to Public Health - Seattle & King County on November 1, 2016. The two vendors are Mayuri Foods & Video at 2560 152nd Avenue NE, and Mayuri Indian Cuisine at 2115 Bel-Red Road. Both vendors are in Redmond. There is no laboratory confirmation of the pathogen that caused this outbreak, but officials think norovirus is the cause. The food the patrons ate came from both vendors, but the exact food item that caused the illnesses has not been identified, according to the press release. Both vendors are working with Public Health to try to … [Read more...]

Preschoolers Sickened at Ave Marie Friends School in Florida

Twenty-one preschool children were taken by ambulance to three hospitals from Ave Marie Friends Preparatory School in Lauderhill, Florida on Monday, November 7, 2016. They were treated for nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration, symptoms of gastrointestinal distress and classic symptoms of food poisoning. Some of the children have been discharged from the hospital as of Tuesday night. The school, at 5801 Northwest 19th Street, served the children lunch that was catered by an outside vendor. Jeff Levy, assistant chief of Lauderhill Fire Rescue told the Sun-Sentinel that "the only common denominator is what the children ate for lunch." The Florida Department of Health is investigating the outbreak and did not respond to Food Poisoning Bulletin's questions yesterday. … [Read more...]

Soylent Food Bar Recalled in Canada; Reported Illnesses

Rosa Foods and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency are recalling Soylent brand Food Bar due to reported illnesses. Consumers should not eat these recalled products. The recalled products were sold through the internet. They are Soylent Food Bar in 60 gram packages. There is no UPC number on this product. The package size is 60 grams. The codes on the product are: 14JUL 17, 15JUL17, 18JUL17, 02AUG17, 04AUG17, 08AUG17, and 10AUG17. Also recalled is Soylent Food Bar in 12 x 60 gram packages. The UPC number is 858369006023. The codes on the product are 14JUL 17, 15JUL17, 18JUL17, 02AUG17, 04AUG17, 08AUG17, and 10AUG17. If you think you got sick after eating this recalled product, see your doctor. If you purchased any of these products, do not eat them. Throw them away in a sealed … [Read more...]

Mighty Taco Outbreak Caused by Bacillus Cereus

The food poisoning outbreak at Mighty Taco restaurants in Erie and Niagara Counties in New York state was caused by Bacillus cereus, Mary C. St. Mary of the Erie County Department of Health told Food Poisoning Bulletin. At least 158 people have been sickened in this outbreak. The statement she sent to us reads: "The Wadsworth Center, the public health laboratory of the New York State Department of Health, has identified Bacillus cereus in patient clinical specimens, as well as from refried beans collected from Mighty Taco restaurants, as part of an investigation into gastrointestinal illness among several patrons of certain Mighty Taco restaurants. Bacillus cereus is a type of bacteria that produces a toxin that causes illness, usually resulting in vomiting within 30 minutes to 6 … [Read more...]

Toulouse Petit Kitchen Closed in Seattle Amid Outbreak

Public Health - Seattle & King County closed the Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood after a foodborne illness outbreak was associated with that facility. It is located at 601 Queen Anne Avenue North. The restaurant was closed on September 22, 2016. The reasons given on the King County web site were for: potentially hazardous food held at unsafe temperatures, improper cooling of potentially hazardous food, inadequate facilities to control temperature of potentially hazardous food under cold holding, and foods not protected from cross contamination. The page on that restaurant also says: "Imminent health hazard: investigation of possible foodborne illness outbreak." Six out of seven people from the same party ate at the restaurant on … [Read more...]

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