February 27, 2024

Neews on a Stick, Special State Fair Edition of Gross Food Stories

State FairIt’s a special state fair edition of The Neews, our monthly feature of food stories that put the eew in news. This month, we’re ditching our standard fare of gross food stories for fair fare and a good cause.

Mandy Colten of St. Paul, Minnesota pledged to eat everything served on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair to raise money for Make a Wish. She has a blog with photos of the foods she’s tried and a Twitter account for her State Fair Food Challenge.

The rules of the challenge were: the food must be on a stick and eaten in its entirety at the fair. There are over a 100 foods served on a stick at the 12-day festival which ends Labor Day. Colton started off with 15 or 16 items each day and tapered off to 10 or 12. She finished just minutes ago with a big corndog and a victory beer.

Colten, who has run two marathons, says when the fair’s not in session she’s a clean eater who avoids manufactured foods, doesn’t drink soda and rarely eats fast food. By the fourth day, she said her body was feeling the shock of such a big change, but she persevered.

Her 10 favorite items were: Deep Fried Snickers, Spaghetti Eddie’s Pizza, Cheese, Handmade Nut Roll, Pronto Pup/Corn Dog, The Sandwich Stop’s Breakfast, Granny’s Chocolate Covered Cheesecake, Texas Tater Twister, Deep Fried Baklava from Dino’s Gyros and Mocha on Stick form the MN Farmers Union.

Her least favorites were: Wine-Crusted Deep Fried Brie, Chicken Nachos, Deep-Fried Cookie Cough,  Gummy Candy/Jawbreaker,  Tino’s Pizza, Puff Daddy from Sausage Sisters, Buffalo Kabobs, Alligator Sausage,  Fried Fruit, and Giant Dill Pickle.

To see the list of all the foods and pictures or to donate, click the link above.



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