June 16, 2024

Six More Cases of H7N9 Bird Flu in China

According to the Shanghai Daily, six more human cases of laboratory confirmed H7N9 bird flu have been reported in China. Two cases are in Shanghai and two more are in southern China. It is not clear if the patients had contact with live poultry. Three of the patients are hospitalized in serious or critical condition.

ChickenLast year, the government ordered 110 live poultry markets closed to try to prevent the spread of this illness. Now all live poultry markets in Shanghai are going to close at the end of January in response to this new outbreak.

Two more cases of H7N9 have been confirmed in Guangdong Province. Both of those patients did have contact with live poultry. Two people have died in this new outbreak which started in August 2013.

This strain of the bird flu emerged in China last year. About 150 people have been sickened by this virus so far, and about 46 have died. At this time the virus doesn’t easily transmit between people, but viruses evolve constantly and it could develop the ability to do that at any time.

The CDC advises anyone traveling to China to avoid live poultry markets and only eat bird products that have been thoroughly cooked. At this time, there is no need to avoid travel to that country, but follow common sense hygiene tips to avoid getting sick.

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