October 27, 2021

Washington Rice Cake Company Loses Food Processing License

The Washington State Department of Agriculture has revoked the food processing license of Wu Kung Hwa Oriental Food. That facility makes traditional Korean rice cakes. The license was revoked after inspectors found on-going sanitation problems. The facility is located in Pierce County.

Warning Recall SignThe facility was also penalized $11,900, and notified that all of the company’s products must be destroyed. Mu Kung Hwa Oriental Food has 10 days to appeal and request a reconsideration, but it cannot produce food during that time period.

Inspectors found problems with unsanitary conditions, poor sanitation practices by employees, and a “general failure” to protect food products from contamination. Public health officials have issued orders to suspend the license two times before, but the company signed settlement agreements to meet requirements and avoided revocation. But they failed to do so.

If you have purchased any Mu Kung Hwa Oriental Food products, do not eat them. Dispose of them in sealed containers or return to the place of purchase for a refund.

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