April 24, 2018

After Horses Die, Western Milling Issues Feed Recall

Western Milling of Goshen, Calif. is recalling 50 lb bags of Western Blend horse feed LOT 5251, manufactured on September 8, 2015. Some horses have died.

HorseThe recalled bags have the lot number 5251. The recalled feed was distributed in September, 2015 to stores in California and Arizona. All stores where the bags were sold have been notified. Of the 1,100 bags being recalled, all but 67 bags have already been reclaimed by the company.

This recall was initiated after Western Milling learned an ingredient in the feed in question may contain monensin, an ionophore. Ionophore poisoning can cause illness and death. Symptoms include poor appetite, refusal to eat the product,  diarrhea, weakness, rapid heart rate, labored breathing, decreased exercise tolerance, depression, wobbly gait, colic, sweating, recumbency, and sudden death.

Symptoms usually appear between 12 and 72 hours after ingesting a toxic dose and last about a week. Permanent cardiac damage is possible, even in horses that appear to have recovered.



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