May 24, 2024

Johns Hopkins Review: Raw Milk Carries Higher Risk of Food Poisoning Than Pasteurized

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health conducted a literature review about the food safety of raw milk after a bill allowing the sale of raw milk directly to consumers was introduced to the Maryland House of Delegates during the 2014 session.

MilkResearchers examined the scientific literature regarding the health benefits and risks of raw and pasteurized cow milk. They examined 81 articles of peer-reviewed literature.

“Based on our review of the scientific evidence, we conclude that drinking raw milk carries an increased risk of foodborne illness as compared to drinking pasteurized milk,” they stated in their report.  “We identified several articles that detected a relationship between drinking raw milk and reduced allergies among rural children and infants. The underlying cause for this relationship, however, has not been identified. While some articles noted nutritional deficiencies in pasteurized milk, these can be overcome by eating a well-balanced diet. Overall, our review identified no evidence that the potential benefits of consuming raw milk outweigh the known health risks.”

Based on their findings, Johns Hopkins researchers say they discourage the consumption of raw milk as risks associated with consuming it are well established.


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