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Weekly Food Recall Roundup: July 3, 2016

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This week’s food recalls include an expansion of the recall issued for General Mills flours associated with an E. coli outbreak, more products recalled for sunflower seeds linked to a Listeria outbreak, recalls for others pathogens and undeclared allergens. Consumers should check recall information carefully.

Food Recalls in the U.S.


General Mills of Minneapolis, MN has expanded a recall of flour associated with a multistate E. coli outbreak that now includes 42 cases in 21 states. The expansion of the recall was triggered after a newly-reported illness was associated with  raw dough or batter linked to flour produced last fall. Health officials from the FDA and the CDC warn consumers not to eat raw products containing flour as pathogens such as E. coli O121 are only eliminated by heat through baking, frying, sautéing or boiling foods to their proper temperatures. After handling raw products containing dough, people should wash hands, surfaces and utensils thoroughly.

Winter Gardens Quality Foods Inc. of New Oxford, Pa. has issued a recall for approximately 42 pounds of Lifestyle Foods Inc. brand Lemongrass Basil Chicken entrées for possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes. Consumers who have purchased this product should not eat it as Listeria can cause serious illness and death.

Burton Hill Farm & Dairy has issued a recall for raw goat milk because it may be contaminated with E. coli a bacteria that can cause serious illness and death. Consumers who have purchased this product should not consumer it.

A May 4 sunflower seed Listeria recall by SunOpta has triggered a cascade of others.  Here is a roundup of the Listeria recalls for sunflower seeds or products containing them. There is now a listeriosis outbreak; at least two people are sick.

Undeclared Allergens

Trader Joe’s Mexicali Inspired Salad with Chili Seasoned Chicken  is being recalled for undeclared wheat.  Consumers who have Celiac disease, allergies or sensitivities  to wheat or gluten should not eat this product as they risk adverse reaction if they do.

Cumberland Farms has issued a recall for Sea Salt Caramel Delights because they contain undeclared peanut.  Consumers with a peanut allergy should not eat this product as they run the risk of an allergic reaction if they do.

Eastland Food Corp. of Columbia, MD is announcing a limited voluntary recall of a single lot of Euro Custard Cake because it contains an undeclared milk ingredient. People with an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk should not eat this product as they run the risk of a serious or life threatening allergic reaction if they do.

IKEA is recalling some of their dark chocolate bars for undeclared milk, hazelnuts, and almonds (tree nuts). Anyone who is allergic to milk, is lactose intolerant, or who is allergic to tree nuts could have a serious reaction if they eat these products.

Ghiringhelli Specialty Foods is recalling 2,444 pounds of “Trader Giotto’s Caesar Salad with Chicken Breast.”  for mislabeling and undeclared allergens. The product contains soy, wheat, and fish, three of the major food allergens, that are not declared on the label. The salad usually has the statement “May Contain Traces of Shellfish,” on the package, which is missing.

Lack of Inspection

U.S. Cado Holdings is recalling 2,235 additional pounds of imported, frozen Swai fillets that were distributed without meeting federal importation requirements. There have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions due to the consumption of these products. The products were imported from Vietnam and were not tested for residue. The original recall on June 20, 2016 was for 25,760 pounds of the product.


About 255,000 Tommee Tippee®  Electric Bottle and Food Warmers are being recalled for being a fire hazard. These warmers can overheat and catch on fire. There have been six reports of bottle and food warmers overheating, melting, smoking, and catching on fire, causing $16,000 in property damage.


Dream Body Weight Loss of Grand Prairie, TX  has issued a recall for weight loss supplements because they contain sibutramine,an unapproved drug. Consumers should not use the recalled products Dream Body Extreme Gold 800mg 30 gold capsules, Dream Body 450mg 30 white capsules, and Dream Body Advanced 400mg 30 purple capsules as they could cause serious health issues.

Food Recalls in Canada

Undeclared Allergens

In Canada, Asian Legend fried noodle entrees are being recalled for undeclared egg. The recall, issued June 24,  has been updated to include additional product information.

In Canada, The Pickle Guy Company is recalling products because they contain barley, egg, fish, mustard, sulphites, and wheat that are not declared on the label. These products were sold in Ontario at the retail level. No illnesses or allergic reactions have been reported to date. You can see pictures of the recalled products at the CFIA web site.

Ikea Canada is recalling Ikea brand dark chocolate bars from the marketplace because they may contain tree nuts and milk that are not declared on the label. Anyone who is allergic to those ingredients could have a serious reaction if they eat these products.

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