October 4, 2023

Against the Grain Dog Food Recalled for Pentobarbital

Earlier this month we told you about a recall of dog food that was potentially contaminated with Penobarbital, which is used as a sedative and euthanasia drug. Now, another dog food is being recalled for the same issue.

Against the Grain Pet Food is voluntarily recalling one lot of Against the Grain Pulled Beef with Gravy Dinner for Dogs. The product was manufactured and distributed in 2015, but the use by date is December 2019. Consumers may have this product in their homes.

Oral exposure to pentobarbital can cause drowsiness, dizziness, excitement, loss of balance, eyes moving back and forth in a jerky manner, inability to stand, and coma. No pet illnesses have been reported to the company to date.

The recalled product is Against the Grain Pulled Beef with Gravy Dinner for Dogs in 12 ounce cans. The expiration date is December 2019, and the second half of the UPC number is 80001. The lot number of the recalled product is 2415E01ATB12. It was distributed to independent pet retail stores in Washington and Maryland in 2015. The lot is no longer on store shelves.

If you purchased this product, do not feed it to your dog. Throw it away or take it back to the place of purchase for replacement.

Against the Grain Dog Food Recall



  1. What is “ground zero” meat source for the pentobarb in the dog food? Where did it originate from? Has a trace back been done to prevent it from happening again? My worry is pentobarb is very expensive to euthanize a beef animal. It is commonly used to euthanize pets.

  2. I would love to know how this contamination with pentobarbital occurred. Pentobarbital is not inexpensive. How did it ever get near dog food?

  3. Lynn Utecht says

    This is made by the same company as first recall-Evangers…

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