December 7, 2021

Perry County Salmonella Outbreak Associated with St. Vincent de Paul Parish Seminary Picnic

In response to the Salmonella outbreak in Perry County, Missouri, officials at the Perry County Health Department have posted a questionnaire for people who attended the St. Vincent de Paul Parish Seminary Picnic that was held August 3 through August 5, 2018. At least 30 people are sick in this outbreak; three people were hospitalized. The seminary is located in Perryville, Missouri.

Salmonella Outbreak St. Vincent de Paul Parish Seminary Picnic

No more information about this outbreak has been posted by the health department or any other public health official. We don’t know if they are focusing on a particular food or if someone who handled food may have been ill. The questionnaire is only asking people who attended the picnic two fill out the form.

The questionnaire asks when someone attended the St. Vincent de Paul Parish Seminary picnic, if they were a food handler, and questions about the person’s illness, such as when it began, symptoms, and whether or not they saw a doctor. Foods that were listed the questionnaire include funnel cake, BBQ pulled pork, pork burger, hamburger, chicken and dumplings, fried chicken, gravy, dressing, fruit salad, coleslaw, nachos, and other foods.

Salmonella outbreaks in the past have been linked to ill food handlers and servers at restaurants or events, chicken, dry cereal, pasta salads, chicken salad, and fruits and vegetables. Just about any food can be contaminated with this pathogenic bacteria through cross-contamination with raw or undercooked chicken or eggs or during transport or processing.

The symptoms of a Salmonella infection include fever, nausea, stomach and abdominal cramps, vomiting, muscle aches, and diarrhea that may be bloody. These symptoms usually start 6 to 72 hours after someone eats food or drinks a beverage that is contaminated with the bacteria. While most people get better without medical treatment, some do become so sick through dehydration or sepsis that they need to be hospitalized.


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