July 23, 2024

FDA Tips About Safely Using Hand Sanitizer In the Coronavirus Pandemic

While most of us know by now that the coronavirus is destroyed with soap, since its outer layer is fat which soap destroys, we also know that hand sanitizers are a good second choice if you can’t get to a sink. The FDA has tips for safely using hand sanitizer.

FDA Tips About Safely Using Hand Sanitizer In the Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s so important to always wash your hands after you use the bathroom, before preparing food or eating, and also after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose. If you don’t have access to soap and running water, hand sanitizers are a good second choice. The alcohol-based sanitizers recommended must have at least 60% alcohol.

The best way to use hand sanitizer is by rubbing it all over your hands. Make sure that you get between your fingers and on the back of your hands. Don’t wipe off or rinse your hands before the sanitizer dries completely. And don’t use sanitizer if your hands are visibly dirty or greasy; use soap and water instead.

It’s also important to remember that hand sanitizers are drugs that are regulated by the FDA. There is a drug facts label on each bottle. Always store these sanitizers out of the reach of children. And kids should only use it with adult. supervision.

Some of these sanitizers may smell nice or look pretty because they are dyed. That makes them tempting for children to taste. Unfortunately, consuming even a small amount of alcohol-based hand sanitizer can cause alcohol poisoning in children. Poison control centers have had an increase in calls about accidental ingestion of these products.┬áDon’t worry about children licking their hands after the sanitizer has dried.

The FDA also says that people should not make their own sanitizer, because if made incorrectly, these homemade products can cause skin burns. You also should not add alcohol to non-alcohol hand sanitizer, and don’t use disinfectant sprays or wipes on your skin, or they could cause skin and eye irritation. The government is working with pharmacies to address the sanitizer shortage.

Now that you know how to safely use hand sanitizer you can protect yourself and your family.



  1. Victoria Keisner says

    With the hand sanitizer shortage I have a good recipe for making my own hand sanitizer. I would think my recipe is safe. After reading this about hand sanitizer I’m leary of making my own. Hopefully the shortages will be addressed soon and the price gougers will be stopped from over charging customers. The worst comes out in some people during a crisis which is a shame.

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