February 24, 2021

Delicae Gourmet Sauces Recalled For Undeclared Shrimp

Delicae gourmet of Tarpon Springs, Florida is recalling Delicae Gourmet sauces for undeclared shrimp, or shellfish, one of the major food allergens. Anyone who is allergic to shrimp could have a serious reaction if they eat these sauces. No allergic reactions or illnesses have been reported to the company to date in connection with the issue.

Delicae Gourmet Sauces Recalled For Undeclared Shrimp

The recalled products are Delicae Gourmet Thai Peanut Sauce, Panang Curry Sauce, and Spicy Red Curry Sauce, all packaged in 12 ounce glass bottles. Each bottle has green shrink wrap.

The Thai Peanut Sauce has UPC number 643558406919 and these codes:

Batch No. 20175; best by date: October 13, 2023
Batch No. 20138; best by date: August, 26 2023
Batch No. 20068; best by date: May 5, 2023
Batch No. 19419; best by date: September, 19 2022
Batch No. 19276; best by date: July 10, 2022
Batch No. 19196; best by date: May 30, 2022
Batch No. 19148; best by date: April 17, 2022
Batch No. 19040 best by date: February 6, 2022
Batch No. 18226; best by date: December 1, 2021
Batch No. 18039; best by date: March 1, 2021

The Panang Curry Sauce has UPC number 643558406711 and these codes:

Batch No. 20205; best by date: November 8, 2023
Batch No. 19484; best by date: October 30, 2022
Batch No. 19096; best by date: March 18, 2022
Batch No. 18225; best by date: December 1, 2021
Batch No. 18108; best by date: July 2, 2021

The Spicy Red Curry has UPC number 643558406810 and these codes:

Batch No. 20084; best by date: May 28, 2023
Batch No. 19404; best by date: September 10, 2022
Batch No. 19158; best by date: April 25, 2022
Batch No. 18213; best by date: November 19, 2021

These sauces were distributed to retail stores in these areas: Springfield, Missouri; Crystal Lake, Illinois; Palisade, Colorado; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Long Lake, New York; Long Grove, Illinois; Sheridan, WY [sic]; Venice, Florida; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Nassawadox, Virginia.

The recall wa started when the company discovered that product containing shrimp was distributed in packaging that did not reveal that allergen. If you purchased any of these sauces with those identifying numbers and are allergic to shrimp, or shellfish, do not eat them. Throw them away or take them back to the store where you bought them for a full refund.

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