July 14, 2024

DigitDots Magnetic Balls Recalled For Ingestion Hazard

DigitDots Magnetic Balls are being recalled for an ingestion hazard. These high powered magnets can cause serious injury or death when they are swallowed, since they can become lodged in the digestive system. This can cause perforations, twisting and/or blockage of the intestines, infection, and blood poisoning. These magnets were imported from China by HD Premier Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware.

DigitDots Magnetic Balls Recalled For Ingestion Hazard

There have been four reports of children ingesting DigitDots who required surgery to remove the magnets. CPSC is also aware of other children and teenagers ingesting other company’s high-powered magnets and requiring surgery. Two deaths have been linked to these types of products.

In 2014, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a final rule on hazardous buckyball-like magnets. Many of these high powered magnets were recalled in 2010. A public safety warning was issued to consumers in November ben 2011. These products were supposed to be sold only to children over the age of 14.

When two more more of these magnets are swallowed, either intentionally or accidentally, the magnets attract each other or are attracted to another metal object inside the digestive tract.

The recalled products, Digitdots Magnetic Balls in 3 mm and 5 mm sizes, were sold online at ilovedigitdots, at Amazon, and other websites from March 2019 through January 2022 for between $20.00 and $30.00. The balls are loose, spherical, and separable neodymium rare-earth magnets with a strong magnetic flux.

The 3 mm diameter magnets are sold as aggregated loose magnets in sets of 512 multi-colored magnetic balls. The 5 mm diameter magnets are sold as aggregated loose magnets in sets of 222 silver magnetic balls or 224 multi-colored magnetic balls. The magnets are sold in clear, disposable packaging bearing the “DigitDots” name and logo and included a plastic carrying case, also bearing the “DigitDots” name and logo.

Stop using these magnets immediately and take them away from children. Contact the company to receive a pre-paid label to return these products and get a refund.

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