June 16, 2024

Cerebelly Smart Bar Recalled For Surface Mold

Cerebelly Smart Bar in four flavors is being recalled because surface mold is visible on the product surface. This recall is posted on the FDA’s Enforcement Reports site instead of the regular recall site, so there is no information about whether or not any illnesses have been reported to the company to date. The recalling firm is Cerebelly Inc. of Los Gatos, California.

Cerebelly Smart Bar Recalled For Surface Mold

The recalled product was sold at the retail level in all 50 states and was also sold in U.S. territories. There was no foreign distribution. No pictures of these products were provided in the recall notice.

The recalled products are all Cerebelly Smart Bar brand. The recalled items include Apple-Kale flavor that is packaged in 5 pack and 7 pack containers. The lot number and date pairs for this item are: Lot number 23086BW with the manufacturing date of 03/27/23 and the expiration date 12/22/23; Lot number 23083BW with the manufacturing date 03/24/23 and the expiration date 12/19/23; and Lot number 23087BW with the manufacturing date 03/28/23 and expiration date 12/23/23.

Also recalled is Blueberry Banana flavor in a 5 pack container. The lot number and date pairs for this item are: Lot number 23081BW with manufacturing date 03/22/23 and expiration date 12/17/23; and Lot number 23083BW with manufacturing date 03/24/24 and expiration date 12/19/23.

Carrot Date flavor is included in this recall. It is also packaged in a 5 count container, with Lot number 23055BW, manufacturing date 02/24/23, and expiration date 11/21/23. Finally, Strawberry Beet flavor is recalled. That flavor is packaged in 5 count and 7 count packages. The lot number and date pairs are: Lot number 23089BW with manufacturing date 03/31/23 and expiration date 12/26/23; Lot number 23093BW with manufacturing date 04/03/23 and expiration date 12/29/23; and Lot number 23094BW with manufacturing date 04/04/23 and expiration date 12/30/23.

If you bought any of these items, do not eat them. You an throw these Cerebelly Smart Bars away in a secure trash can, or you can return them to the place of purchase for a refund.

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