May 24, 2024

Provider Farms Raw Milk Campylobacter Outbreak in Idaho

A Provider Farms raw milk Campylobacter outbreak in Idaho has sickened five people in Ada County, according to the Central District Health office. Three of those five people have tested positive for campylobacteriosis, a bacterial infection. They reported drinking raw milk that was produced by Provider Farms in Mountain Home before they got sick. There is no mention about whether or not any of these patients have been hospitalized.

Provider Farms Raw Milk Campylobacter Outbreak in Idaho

The outbreak was identified on September 20, 2023, when those patients were diagnosed. Officials from the Central Health District are collaborating with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare on the investigation into this outbreak.

Public health officials are interviewing patients and are collecting samples of the raw milk for testing. The Idaho State Department of Agriculture is working with Provider Farms to mitigate any ongoing risk to consumers. The farm distributes its products directly to consumers at several distribution centers that are located from Nampa to Burley.

Officials are recommending that anyone who bought raw milk or raw milk products from Provider Farms in the last 30 days should throw them away. If you pour the milk down the sink, sanitize your sink. Clean your refrigerator with a mild bleach solution to kill any pathogens after you discard these products. And wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after cleaning and after handling these items.

Raw, or unpasteurized, dairy products are often contaminated with pathogenic bacteria. People most at risk for serious complications from these infections include the very young, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems and chronic illnesses.

Symptoms of campylobacteriosis usually start two to five days after exposure. People are usually sick for about a week. Symptoms include fever, nausea and vomiting, stomach and abdominal cramps and pain, and diarrhea that is often bloody.

A serious complication that can occur after a Campylobacter infection is Guillain Barre syndrome, which can cause paralysis. Other complications can include irritable bowel syndrome and arthritis.

If you consumed any raw milk or raw milk products from this farm and have been ill, see your doctor. You may be part of this Provider Farms raw milk Campylobacter outbreak.

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