August 16, 2018

Salmonella Outbreak at Arapahoe County Fair in Colorado

A Salmonella outbreak among people who attended the Arapahoe County Fair in Colorado has sickened at least seven people, according to the Tri-County Health Department, Arapahoe County, and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Those sickened attended the fair, or 4-H events associated with the fair, from July 21 to July 29, 2018. Officials have not identified the source of the pathogenic bacteria. The Tri County Health Department is conducting an investigation to determine the source and the outbreak strain. Dr. John M. Douglas, Dr., Executive Director of the Tri-County Health Department, said in a statement, "If you went to the Arapahoe County Fair or attended a 4-H event associated with the Fair and have these symptoms, we encourage you to see your health … [Read more...]

McDonald’s Fresh Express Cyclospora Outbreak Sickens 436; Lawsuits Filed

The McDonald's Fresh Express cyclospora outbreak that is linked to McDonald's salads has now sickened 436 people in 15 states. Twenty people have been hospitalized. The last reported illness started on July 20, 2018.   The case count by state is: Connecticut (1), Florida (1), Iowa (95), Illinois (219), Indiana (1), Kentucky (8), Michigan (2), Minnesota (9), Missouri (52), Nebraska (5), Ohio (15), South Dakota (14), Tennessee (1), Virginia (1), and Wisconsin (10). The patients from Connecticut, Tennessee, and Virginia bought salads from McDonald's while traveling in Illinois. The Florida patient purchased a McDonald's salad while traveling in Kentucky. McDonald's stopped serving salads at 3,000 restaurants in the midwest on July 13, 2018. They replaced the supplier of … [Read more...]

Deadly Romaine Lettuce E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak May Be Linked to Cow Feces

The FDA just updated their investigation into the deadly Romaine lettuce E. coli O157:H7 outbreak this summer that sickened 210 people in 36 states and killed 5. Ninety-six people were hospitalized, including 27 who developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a type of kidney failure. It seems that canal water in the Yuma Arizona growing region is close to a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO). In other words, it's likely that cow feces contaminated with the pathogenic bacteria got into the canal water that irrigated the romaine lettuce fields in that area. CAFOs are huge cattle operations that can hold more than 100,000 head of cattle at any one time. There is a cluster of romaine lettuce farms nearby. The Environmental Assessment report the FDA is working on will be … [Read more...]

At Least 395 Are Sick In the McDonald’s Cyclospora Outbreak; Lawsuits Filed

At least 395 people are now sick in the McDonald's cyclospora outbreak that is linked to that company's salads produced by Fresh Express. Those sickened live in 15 states. Sixteen people have been hospitalized because they are so ill. The case count by state is: Connecticut (1), Florida (1), Iowa (87), Illinois (202), Indiana (1), Kentucky (6), Michigan (2), Minnesota (8), Missouri (47), Nebraska (5), Ohio (13), South Dakota (11), Tennessee (1), Virginia (1), and Wisconsin (8). The patients in Connecticut, Tennessee, and Virginia bought the salads while they are traveling in Illinois. The patient living in Florida purchased a McDonald's salad in Kentucky. On July 26, 2018, the FDA completed an analysis of an unused package of romaine lettuce and carrot mix that was distorted to … [Read more...]

Inspections of Chipotle at Center of Ohio Outbreak Reveal Problems; Lawsuit Filed

More than 500 people are reportedly ill after eating at a Chipotle restaurant at 9733 Sawmill Parkway in Powell, Ohio according to a notice posted on the Delaware General Health District's Twitter page. Officials have  received 95 emails and 423 calls from possible outbreak patients. All reported nausea, diarrhea, and fever. One lawsuit has been filed. The pathogen responsible for this outbreak has not yet been identified. The health department is testing fecal samples for Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli, and norovirus. In addition, food samples are being tested for Clostridium perfringens and Bacillus cereus. All of these pathogens can cause these symptoms. Chipotle was the site of one of the largest multistate food poisoning outbreaks in 2015. The Delaware General Health District … [Read more...]

FDA Quietly Updates Honey Smacks Salmonella Outbreak; Lawsuits Are Possible

The FDA has updated its investigation into the Kellogg's Honey Smacks Salmonella outbreak, but did not put a date on the new announcement, or update outbreak numbers. They added a paragraph to the investigation page that stated officials inspected a "contract facility" where Kellogg's Honey Smacks is manufactured, and found Salmonella bacteria that "is a match to the outbreak strain." Lawsuits have been filed. And last week, the FDA sent a warning letter to Kerry, Inc. of Beloit, Wisconsin, where Salmonella was found "throughout the facility, including in cereal production rooms." We don't know if these events are linked. Kerry manufactures wheat puffed grains, rice puffed grains, oat puffed grains, and corn puffed grains, among other products. The FDA inspected that facility … [Read more...]

Hy Vee Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Spring Pasta Salad Grows to 79 Sick; Lawsuits Possible

The multistate Hy Vee Salmonella outbreak linked to Hy-Vee Spring Pasta Salads has grown to include 79 people in 9 states, according to the CDC. The salad was recalled on July 17, 2018. The salad contains shell pasta, carrots, celery, cucumbers, green pepper, onion, and mayonnaise. Officials have not yet determined which component of the salad is contaminated with the pathogenic bacteria in this Hy Vee Salmonella outbreak. Fifty-eight more ill persons have been added to this outbreak count since the last update on July 18, 2018. Four more states reported ill people: Illinois, Kansas, North Dakota, and Tennessee. The main outbreak strain of bacteria in this outbreak is Salmonella Sandiego. Salmonella enteric subspecies IIIb has been added to this investigation because two people … [Read more...]

FDA Confirms Cyclospora in Fresh Express Salads Sold to McDonald’s; Lawsuits Filed

The FDA has confirmed the presence of cyclospora in a salad mix produced by Fresh Express and sold to McDonald's. McDonald's salads are a possible source of a cyclospora outbreak that has sickened at least 286 people in 15 states and has hospitalized 11. The number of illnesses has not been updated in this most recent update. The analysis was completed in July 26, 2018 using a "new laboratory method." The FDA set up a multidisciplinary workgroup in 2015 to privatize the development, validation, and implementation of a method for detecting cyclospora in fresh produce. The Fresh Express salad mixes in question, containing romaine lettuce and carrots, expired on July 19, 2018. The romaine lettuce was not packaged for retail sale to consumers. And the carrots in the sampled salad mix … [Read more...]

Cyclospora Outbreak At Evanston Golf Club in Skokie, IL Sickens Hundreds; Lawsuits Possible

A cyclospora outbreak among people who attended an event on July 3, 2018 at the Evanston Golf Club at 4401 Dempster Street in Skokie, Illinois has sickened more than one hundred people, according to the Skokie Health Department. The facility is fully cooperating with the investigation. About 900 people attended that event. Officials have sent all attendees a food survey to help discover which foods may be linked to the outbreak. The Skokie Health Department would like everyone who attended the event at the golf club to fill out the survey, even if they did not get sick. This outbreak is not linked to the McDonald's cyclospora outbreak that is linked to the fast food chain's salads, according to officials. That outbreak has sickened at least 123 people in Illinois, according to … [Read more...]

McDonald’s Cyclospora Lawsuits Increase As Outbreak Grows

The cyclospora outbreak that is linked to McDonald's salads keeps on growing. Now at least 286 people in 15 states are sick. Eleven people have been hospitalized; no deaths have been reported. That is an increase of 123 more patients in the last week. McDonald's cyclospora lawsuits have been and will continue to be filed on behalf people who are sick through no fault of their own. This microscopic parasite can cause debilitating illness that can last for weeks or months and can recur. The CDC has listed the case count by state in this outbreak. They are: Connecticut (1), Florida (1), Iowa (80), Illinois (123), Indiana (2) Kentucky (6), Michigan (1), Minnesota (8), Missouri (30), Nebraska (5), Ohio (11), South Dakota (11), Tennessee (1), Virginia (1), and Wisconsin (5). The patients … [Read more...]

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