June 6, 2023

Shigellosis Outbreak in Lavaca County, Texas Announced

A shigellosis outbreak in Lavaca County, Texas has been announced by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Officials are investigating this outbreak. No source of the pathogen has been declared and there is no mention of how many people are sick or if anyone has been hospitalized. There is also no patient age range mentioned. Officials are interviewing patients and are collecting food samples from a location where "multiple individuals" ate before they got sick. The last Shigella outbreak in the United States was linked to Tamarind Tree in Seattle, Washington earlier this year. At least 32 people were sickened in that outbreak. This bacteria causes about a half million illnesses in the United States every year. This infection is highly contagious and is spread through … [Read more...]

Cricket Creek Farm Cheese Recalled After One Listeria Illness

Cricket Creek Farm Cheese is being recalled after one Listeria monocytogenes illness was reported. The recalling firm is Cricket Creek Farm of Williamstown, Massachusetts. The recalled products are 165 pounds of Sophelise cheese and 149 pounds of Tobasi cheese. The cheeses were distributed in Massachusetts and New York through these stores: Wild Oats in Williamstown, Massachusetts; Provisions Williamstown in Williamstown, Massachusetts; McEnroe Organic Farm Market in Millerton, New York; New Lebanon Farmers Market in New Lebanon, New York; and at restaurants and farmers markets. You can see pictures of these cheeses at the FDA web site. Sophelise is a washed, pasteurized milk cheese with a soft rind and pinkish hue. The circular cheese is four inches in diameter and about one … [Read more...]

CDC Analyzes Jule’s Foods Cashew Brie Salmonella Outbreak

The CDC has published an analysis of the Jule's Foods Cashew Brie Salmonella outbreak that sickened at least 20 people in four states. The outbreak was first identified by the Tennessee Department of Health. Two patients said they ate the same brand of cashew brie at the same restaurant before they got sick. The case count by state was: California (15), Florida (2), Maryland (1), and Tennessee (2). The patient age range was from one to 72 years. Illness onset dates ranged from December 11, 2020, to May 9, 2021. Five people were hospitalized because they were so sick. After the outbreak was identified, a search of the National Center for Biotechnology Information Pathogen Detection Isolates Browser found three more patients, two from California and one from Florida. Open-source … [Read more...]

Now 45 Sick in Los Amigos Taqueria Salmonella Outbreak

There are now 45 sick in Los Amigos Taqueria Salmonella outbreak, according to NBC Boston. Laboratory testing has confirmed 45 cases in customers of the restaurant, which is located at 366 Washington Street  in Brighton, Massachusetts, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. That's an increase of 12 more cases since the original announcement of the outbreak on May 19, 2023. Of the 45 confirmed cases, 29 live in Boston. There are apparently more reports of undiagnosed illnesses associated with that restaurant. The restaurant was closed last week after the outbreak was uncovered. An inspection was conducted at that location on May 18, 2023 after reports of illness, and found multiple problems. The certified food managers certificate was expired, there was no … [Read more...]

FDA Weighs In On Papa Murphy’s Cookie Dough Outbreak

The FDA weighs in on the Papa Murphy's Cookie Dough Salmonella outbreak that has sickened at least 18 people in six states. The cookie dough is Chocolate Chip Cookie and S'Mores Bars. They were sold at Papa Murphy's franchises. Twelve of 14 patients told Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigators that they ate the raw dough before they got sick. Papa Murphy's has notified franchise owners about this issue nationwide and has stopped selling the product. They destroyed all of the doughs at all stores. The investigation is ongoing to determine the source of the contamination and whether more products are linked to illnesses. The case count by state is: California (1), Idaho (4), Missouri (1), Oregon (4), Utah (2) and Washington (6). Illness onset dates range from … [Read more...]

Papa Murphy’s Cookie Dough Sickens Six in Washington State

Papa Murphy's Cookie Dough has likely sickened at least six people in Washington state. The Washington State Department of Health says that the outbreak is likely linked to eating raw cookie dough. The two types of cookie dough are from Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake Pizza that were purchased from multiple locations in the state. These illnesses are part of a larger Salmonella outbreak that has sickened at least 18 people in six states. The patients live in these six counties in the state: Clark (1), King (1), Lincoln (1), Pierce (1), Spokane (1), and Whatcom (1). One person has been hospitalized because they are so ill. The patient age range is from 15 to 54 years. The investigation is ongoing, but four of the six patients said they ate raw take and bake cookie dough products from … [Read more...]

Papa Murphy’s Cookie Dough Salmonella Outbreak Sickens 18

A Papa Murphy's Cookie Dough Salmonella outbreak has sickened at least 18 people in six states and and has hospitalized two, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Two types of Papa Murphy's raw cookie dough are involved in this outbreak: Chocolate chip cookie dough and S'mores bar dough. Papa Murphy's has temporarily stopped selling those two types of cookie dough. The case count by state is: California (1), Idaho (4), Missouri (1), Oregon (4), Utah (2) and Washington (6). Illness onset dates range from February 27, 2023 to May 2, 2023. The patient age range is from 14 to 68. Of 14 people who gave information to investigators, two have been hospitalized, for a hospitalization rate of 14%. Public health officials interviewed people about the foods they … [Read more...]

FDA Releases Morel Advisory After Dave’s Sushi Illnesses

The FDA releases Morel advisory after illnesses among patrons of Dave's Sushi in Bozeman, Montana. At least 50 people were sickened, and two customers died after eating at that establishment, although the manner of death has not been established. Morel mushrooms are most often foraged from the wild. While morel mushrooms are generally regarded as safe to eat, they may contain toxins that can cause health problems. The advisory states that the toxins that can cause illness are not fully understood. Cooking the mushrooms properly can reduce toxin levels, but the FDA says that people should eat morel and other wild-type mushrooms at their own risk. As of May 19, 2023, the outbreak at Dave's Sushi has sickened 50 people who ate at the restaurant between March 28 and April 27, 2023. … [Read more...]

Dave’s Sushi Outbreak Remains Unsolved; Restaurant Reopens

The Dave's Sushi outbreak in Bozeman, Montana remains unsolved and the restaurant has opened because the Gallatin City-County Health Department has rescinded the closure order. A new health officer order has been issued, with corrective actions required before reopening. As of May 17, 2023, there are 50 people sick; an increase of nine more cases since the last update a week ago. Two people have died after eating at the restaurant, although those deaths are being investigated and the manner and causes of the deaths are pending until autopsy results are available. Food samples, including salmon and morel mushrooms, which were suspected in this outbreak, have been collected and analyzed. All samples have come back negative for a series of pathogens and toxins. The Gallatin … [Read more...]

CDC Releases Report of Northeast Seafood Salmonella Outbreak

The CDC releases report of Northeast Seafood Salmonella outbreak that sickened at least 115 people in 15 states in the fall of 2021. The report was released in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). This serotype is not usually associated with seafood, but with leafy vegetables, chicken, and beef. From May through October 2021, the outbreak sickened at least 115 people. The case count by state was: (1), California (1), Colorado (93), Connecticut (1), Iowa (1), Minnesota (2), Missouri (1), Nebraska (2), New Jersey (2), Pennsylvania (1), Texas (2), Virginia (3), Washington (1), Wisconsin (2), and Wyoming (2). The patient age range was from less than one year to 85. Twenty patients were hospitalized. Most patients reported that they ate seafood in Colorado before … [Read more...]

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