June 17, 2024

FDA Takes Tara Flour Off Generally Regarded as Safe List

The FDA has removed tara flour from the generally regarded as safe list (GRAS) after illnesses associated with the product Daily Harvest Leek and Lentil Crumble illnesses were reported. There were reports of 393 illnesses associated with that product in 2022. At least 133 people were hospitalized, and some of the patients went into liver failure.

FDA Takes Tara Flour Off Generally Regarded as Safe List

Tara flour is now regarded as an unapproved food additive. These items are deemed to be unsafe under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

That type of flour was used by Daily Harvest in a leek and lentil crumble product. The firm voluntarily recalled the product and conducted their own root cause analysis. The FDA has found no evidence that tara flour caused the outbreak, but it did prompt the agency to evaluate the status of that ingredient.

According to the FDA, there is not enough data on the use of this ingredient in food, or a history of its safe use, to consider it GRAS. Manufacturers who want to use tara flour as an ingredient are responsible for ensuring that it use is safe and lawful. These companies are encouraged to consult with the FDA. There is no evidence at this time that shows that tara flour as a food ingredient is being developed domestically.

Screening at ports of entry for tara flour has been instituted. The agency has not detected any recent shipments of tara flour in imported products as of today.

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