July 19, 2018

Lawyer Says Avelox May Cause Uveitis, Iritis, Iris Transillumination, Glaucoma and Other Eye Injuries

Pritzker|Olsen law firm is investigating cases where patients took Avelox, an oral antibiotic, for an infection and suffered eye damage. In the course of the investigation, the firm has found that Avelox may cause a variety of eye conditions, typically characterized by extreme sensitivity to light. These conditions are typically diagnosed as uveitis (painful inflammation of eye), iritis (painful inflammation of the iris), acute pigment dispersion syndrome, iris transillumination, iris hypopigmentation, pigmentary glaucoma‚Ä® and cornea perforations. Pritzker|Olsen is currently gathering as much information as possible from people who have suffered eye damage associated with the use of Avelox. Attorney Brendan Flaherty is leading the firm's investigation. He can be seen in the video … [Read more...]

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