April 10, 2020

Having a New Year’s Eve Party? Here’s How to Host a Safe Buffet

If you're having a New Year's Eve party or an open house for New Year's Day, the FDA is offering tips on how to host a safe buffet. The most important tip is to watch the time. Perishable foods should be refrigerated after two hours out at room temperature. Also, keep buffet serving portions small. You can keep hot food in the oven set at 200°F to 250°F while you are waiting for more guests to arrive. Discard food that's been out for more than two hours, wash the serving dishes, and fill with fresh food. Cold back up dishes should be stored in the fridge until you need to refill platters and bowls. Hot foods should be kept at an internal temperature that is at least 140°F. The danger zone for rapid bacterial growth is 40°F to 140°F. Even if you are keeping hot food on a warmer, … [Read more...]

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