March 3, 2024

Long Term Consumption of Allure Red Food Dye Can Trigger IBD

A study from McMaster University has found that the long term consumption of Allura Red food dye can trigger IBD (inflammatory bowel diseases), Crohn's disease, and ulcerative colitis. Researcher Waliul Khan, a professor of the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine and a principle investigators of Farncombe Family Digestive Health Research Institute, used experimental animal models of IBD to conduct the study. The study's first author is Yan Han (Eric) Kwon. Inflammatory bowel diseases have been increasing over the last ten years, according to the National Institutes of Health. Those diseases are usually attributed to a "Westernized" lifestyle, including high fat foods with little fiber. The researchers found that continual exposure to Allura Red AC damages gut health … [Read more...]

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