June 26, 2022

Salmonella Ranks Highest in Reports to FDA’s Early-Warning Registry

For the second year in a row, Salmonella accounted for the largest percentage of hazards reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration under a new, early-warning reporting system. Called the Reportable Food Registry, it requires manufacturers, processors, packers and distributors of FDA-regulated foods and animal feeds to quickly report to FDA any foods, feeds or ingredients that could result in serious adverse health consequences to humans or animals. According to a new FDA report for the 12-month period that ended September 7, 2011, there were 225 primary, online reports involving 22 commodity categories. Salmonella accounted for 38.2 percent of reported hazards -- a leading percentage that was very similar to the registry's results in Year 1. Undeclared allergens accounted … [Read more...]

Five “Natural” Food Ingredients That Will Turn Your Stomach

In one of the most memorable food revelations of the year, industry insider and blogger Bruce Bradley listed a set of ingredients found in processed food that are concealed under the blanket term "natural ingredients" or "natural coloring." Bradley wrote in October: "There is no FDA definition of 'Natural', and in that vacuum, processed food companies have filled the void with their own, self-serving interpretations... After all, if it's natural, it's got to be good, right?" Here is Mr. Bradley's list of examples: Beaver Anal Glands:  This bitter, very smelly, orange-brown substance is also known as castoreum. In nature it’s combined with the beaver’s urine and used to mark its territory. In the processed food world it’s commonly used in both food and beverages, typically as vanilla … [Read more...]

Consumer Alert: Undeclared Milk in Gollo Brand “Pan Dominicano Bread”

The New York State Agriculture Commissioner alerted consumers on December 19, 2011 about undeclared milk in “Pan Dominicano (Dominican Bread)”, which was packaged and distributed by Gollo Desserts Bakery in Brooklyn, New York. … [Read more...]

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