December 9, 2016

Frozen Kingfish Steak Recalled for Decomposition, Misbranding

The FDA's Weekly Enforcement Report for the week of March 2, 2016 includes a recall of 11 cartons of Frozen Kingfish Steak imported by and distributed by President East Company. The fish is a product of Taiwan. The product is decomposed and was identified as Spanish Mackerel. Seafood that is mislabeled as another product, usually so companies can charge more, is a worldwide problem, according to Oceana, and affects honest fishermen, companies, and consumers. The recalled product is Frozen Kingfish Steak, quick frozen, in 10/12 ounce packages. Individual pieces are held within clear plastic vacuum-sealed packaging. The production date for this product was 05/19/2015, and the best before date is 05/19/2017. The product was distributed in New York state. If you purchased this product, … [Read more...]

Is There Wood in Your Parmesan Cheese?

A cheese manufacturer went bankrupt and was charged in criminal court for food labeling violations over the manufacturing of Parmesan cheese. Almost three years ago, the FDA sent a warning letter to Castle Cheese in Pennsylvania, telling them that their products are adulterated because their Parmesan cheese doesn't actually contain Parmesan cheese. In addition, the facility was adding cellulose, or wood pulp (this was the sensational news headline part) to extend the cheese. Parmesan cheese is strictly regulated by its official definition. Parmesan cheese should be made from Parmesan cheese. That sounds logical, but some manufacturers substitute a less expensive cheese, and add filler to reduce their costs even more. Cellulose is technically wood, but it won't hurt you and is used in … [Read more...]

Extra Value Meats Beef Patties Recalled for Undeclared MSG

Holten Meat Inc. of Illinois is recalling 501,509 pounds of Extra Value Meats Quarter Pound Beef Patties because they contain MSG, or monosodium glutamate, that is not declared on the label. Those who are sensitive to this chemical could have a reaction if they eat this product. No reports of adverse reactions have been received to date. The recalled products are 1.5-pound cartons containing 6 pieces of "Extra Value Meats Quarter Pound Beef Patties" and 1.5-pound resealable bags containing 6 pieces of "Quick Serve Extra Value Meats Beef Patties." They were produced between February 13, 2015 and July 28, 2015. The products have the establishment number "EST. 2591" inside the USDA mark of inspection. The UPC number is Item #79821-00043. They were shipped to retailers and distributors … [Read more...]

Chicken Products Recalled for Misbranding

Victor's Market of California is recalling about 7,368 pounds of chicken products for misbranding. The products were slaughtered under religious exemption which was not declared on the label. The recalled products are all in 50 pound packages. They were produced on various dates from April 10, 2015 through July 20, 2015. They are Primal Pastures Chicken Whole, Primal Pastures Chicken Back, Primal Pastures Chicken Wing, Primal Pastures Chicken Thigh, Primal Pastures Chicken Neck, Primal Pastures Chicken Head, Primal Pastures Chicken Feet, Primal Pastures Chicken Drumstick, and Primal Pastures Chicken Breast. They have the establishment number "P-6087" inside the USDA mark of inspection and were distributed nationwide. You can return this product to the place of purchase for a full … [Read more...]

Demes Gourmet Recalls Pork and Poultry Products for Misbranding

Demes Gourmet Corporation of California is recalling 29,052 pounds of poultry and pork products for misbranding. The chicken sausages were wrapped in hog casings; pork was not listed on the label. Anyone who is allergic to pork products could have a serious allergic reaction if they eat these products. No illnesses have been reported to date. The recalled items are 18 pound cases of 12 ounce tray packs of "Panama Sweet Chicken Longanisa." The products have the establishment number "P-2888" inside the USDA mark of inspection. They were shipped to retail locations in California. If you purchased this product and are allergic to pork, which is rare, do not eat them. Discard or return to the place of purchase for a refund. … [Read more...]

Flap Meat Recalled for Misbranding

Viz Cattle of California is recalling 6,082 pounds of flap meat because no ingredients are listed on the product label. The product does not contain any undeclared allergens or ingredients that could be a threat to public health. No illnesses have been reported to date. The recalled product is packed in 30 pound cardboard boxes containing "FLAP MEAT TB". It has shipping marks “MXLS0020” or “MXLS0014” and “TIF 120” inside the Mexican mark of inspection.  These items were shipped for institutional use to locations in California. It was produced between February 19 and February 26, 2015 and March 2 and March 4, 2015. The problem was discovered during a routine label review by FSIS inspectors. … [Read more...]

DaBecca Uncured Apple Smoked Bacon Recalled for Misbranding

DaBecca Natural Foods of Illinois is recalling about 3,450 pounds of bacon products for misbranding. They were produced under inspection, but were packaged and shipped with labels that do not bear the USDA mark of inspection. They were shipped to institutional distributors in California and Texas. No reports of problems have been received to date. The recalled product is 15 pound bulk cases of DaBecca Sliced Uncured Apple Smoked Bacon (12 - 14 slices per pound) with case code 114670 30814. They were produced on November 13, 2014. The problem was discovered during a routine label review conducted by FSIS inspectors at a distribution facility. … [Read more...]

Alpineaire Spicy Sausage Pasta Recalled for Misbranding

Katadyn North American Foods of California is recalling 2,719 pounds of spicy sausage products for misbranding. The label indicates that the product contains beef, but it is actually made with pork sausage. Pork is not indicated on the label. The problem was discovered by FSIS inspection personnel during a label review. There have been no reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of these products. The recalled product is Spicy Sausage Pasta in 5 ounce foil laminated pouches labeled "Alpineaire Spicy Sausage Pasta." It has the establishment number "EST. 8132" inside the USDA mark of inspection. They were produced on various dates from June 14 through November 13, 2014. The product was shipped to retail locations nationwide. … [Read more...]

Halal Beef Producer Indicted

The owner of Midamar Corporation of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, William B. Aossey Jr., has been indicted with 19 felony counts by a grand jury in records unsealed October 24, 2014. The charges range from conspiracy to make false statements, selling misbranded meat, and committing mail and wire fraud. Aossey is also charged with making false statements on export applications, money laundering, and conspiracy to commit money laundering. In 2012, Midamar was raided by federal agents with search warrants. Officials seized the company's business records, computers, and bank accounts. Halal foods are produced under Islamic dietary guidelines that require animals are raised, cared for, and killed to limit pain. The indictments charge that Midamar employees used nail polish to cover up the federal … [Read more...]

Häagen-Dazs Recall Due to Labeling Mishap

Nestlé USA is recalling  limited amounts of Häagen-Dazs ice cream due to mismatched packaging. People with peanut allergies should not eat the recalled product as serious reaction may occur. The recalled products are 14-ounce cartons labeled as Häagen-Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with a UPC of 74570-08400, and lid labeled as Häagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter. The "best buy" date  13May2015 and manufacturing code 24-52 4133580418D appear on the bottom of the carton. No other production dates, sizes or varieties of Häagen-Dazs ice cream are affected by this recall. The ice cream, produced May 13, 2014, was distributed in Washington D.C., Delaware, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. No other … [Read more...]

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