August 9, 2022

Cleveland and Pittsburgh Resolutions Against Antibiotic Use in Livestock

The cities of Cleveland and Pittsburgh have passed resolutions calling for a ban on the sub therapeutic use of antibiotics in livestock. The cities of Providence, Rhode Island and Redhook, New Jersey have also approved resolutions, and Seattle may join them soon. Seattle Council member Mike O'Brien said, "antibiotic resistance is a lot like the 'global warming' crisis of clinical medicine. It's a serious problem which will only worsen unless we take immediate action at all levels of government." The use of antibiotics for growth promotion and disease prevention in farm animals is linked to antibiotic resistance. Some antibiotics that are medically important for human beings are used on factory farms, endangering their use. In fact, the Foster Farms chicken Salmonella outbreak that has … [Read more...]

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter Introduces Antibiotics Bill Again

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY) has introduced the Prevention of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act (PAMTA) into Congress for the fourth time. The legislation is designed to stop the overuse of antibiotics on the farm that is accelerating the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Two weeks ago, Dr. Tom Frieden of the CDC warned that "our strongest antibiotics don't work and patients are left with potentially untreatable infections." Slaughter said, "since 1977, when the FDA acknowledged the threat of antibiotic-resistant disease and called for a reduction in the use of antibiotics in animals, we have been waiting for meaningful action to protect public health. Instead, we've gotten delays and half measures, and as a result, even common illnesses like strep throat could soon … [Read more...]

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter Queries Companies About Antibiotic Use

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY) sent a letter last week to more than 60 fast food corporations, processors, producers, and grocery chains, asking them about their policies on antibiotic use in farm animals. She would like their response by June 15, 2012. Some of the corporations which received the letter include McDonald's, Kraft, Cargill, Costco, Whole Foods, YUM! Brands, Burger King, and Bon Appetit Management Company. Ms. Slaughter, who is a microbiologist, wants the companies to provide the number of beef, poultry, and pork products that are raised "without antibiotics", with "therapeutic antibiotic doses", and with "routine antibiotic use." She also wants to know if the companies educate their consumers about how their meat is produced and purchased. Her letter states, … [Read more...]

FDA Not Withdrawing Antibiotics from Animal Feed

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not going to withdraw the antibiotics penicillin and tetracycline from animal feed. The statement was published in the Federal Register before the holidays this year and was not announced in a news release or bulletin. This is the official post: "The Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) is withdrawing two 1977 notices of opportunity for a hearing (NOOH), which proposed to withdraw certain approved uses of penicillin and tetracyclines intended for use in feeds for food-producing animals based in part on microbial food safety concerns." The FDA previously cited three statutory grounds they were using to defend the withdrawal: The drugs are not shown to be safe Lack of substantial evidence of effectiveness Failure to submit required … [Read more...]

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