February 27, 2024

Crown Prince Oysters Recalled

As a result of the FDA ban on Korean shellfish¬†for unsanitary conditions and the presence of norovirus, Crown Prince Seafood is recalling oyster products. All of the company’s wholesalers are instructed to suspend shipments, and retailers should remove these products from their shelves.

Product details:

  • Crown Prince Whole Boiled Oysters
    • UPC number 0 73230 00052 2
  • Crown Prince Natural Whole Boiled Oysters
    • UPC number 0 73230 00852 8
  • Crown Prince Natural Smoked Oysters in Olive Oil
    • UPC number 0 73230 00851 1
  • Crown Prince Natural Smoked Oysters with Chili Pepper
    • UPC number 0 73230 00866 5

For questions, call Crown Prince at 1-800-423-4676. You can see all of the product labels at the FDA site. The FDA ban extends to fresh oyster products, frozen oyster products, and canned oyster products imported from Korea.


  1. Are there more recent cases of food poisoning with oysters?

  2. Laura Bush says

    wow, I would never have known about this had I not asked my local Publix store to source it for me. They went to Whole Foods which is where I usually go to buy them, I stock up because it is far away from me! Whole Foods has taken it off their shelves. BUT I’ve eaten every can in my pantry except one and knock on wood, no norovirus…
    I won’t be eating the last one!!!!

    • Linda Larsen says

      I’m glad you haven’t gotten sick! The odds are you’ll be fine. The FDA found norovirus in the Korean harvesting area, so it may not be in the oysters.

      • I have had several cans of the smoked oysters in my pantry for months. I just opened one and ate 2 oysters and then read this post. I hope I am going to be okay. I am throwing out the other cans.At least if I get sick, I will know what to tell them in the emergency room. Wish me luck on this.

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