June 20, 2024

Costco Berries Recall a No-Go, Townsend Farms Berries Purchasers Left with Unanswered Questions

Updated Recall Information: The recalled product sold at Costco was Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend, 3 lb. bag and UPC 0 78414 404448. The recalled codes are located on the back of the package with the words “BEST BY”; followed by the code T012415 sequentially through T053115, followed by a letter. All of these letter designations are included in this recall for the lot codes listed above. The recalled product sold at Harris Teeter was Harris Teeter Organic Antioxidant Berry Blend, 10 oz. bag UPC 0 72036 70463 4. The correct “Lot” and “best by” codes are as follows: Lot Codes T041613E, T041613C and a “BEST BY” code of 101614.

Townsend Farms Costco Hepatitis AAttorney Fred Pritzker is representing people who contracted Hepatitis A after eating Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend purchased at a Costco store.

Below is the June 3 post.

Another day has gone by without Costco recalling Townsend Farms Anti-Oxidant Blend frozen berry mix, a product associated with an outbreak of Hepatitis A that has sickened people in at least 6 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada and New Mexico. Some news reports are saying Costco did recall the berries, but there is not a recall. If there were, some of the questions our readers are asking would be answered.

Below are a few of the questions we have received in reader comments.

Should I get a vaccination? Yes, if you ate Townsend Farms Anti-Oxidant Blend berries within the last 2 weeks, you should get a Hepatitis A vaccination as soon as possible. You will need to contact your doctor. [As of June 6, 2013, Costco is providing free Hepatitis A vaccinations to customers who ate the recalled berries.]

Is there risk of infection from handling product if it wasn’t consumed (ie., preparing food with it or cleaning dishes used in preparing it)? Yes, which is another reason why Townsend Farms Anti-Oxidant Blend Frozen Berry Mix should be recalled now.

Does Costco sell more than one type of berry mix from Townsend Farms? You will have to call your local Costco store.

Is there a product date? If there were a recall, a real recall, there would be a product date or dates, but there is not one.

If I bought a bag of Townsend Farms Anti-oxidant Blend Frozen Berry Mix at a Costco in a state where no one is sick, can I eat it? The CDC recommends that consumers do not eat eat this product.

I am wondering if we should be worried about the same blend from another company? The only berry mix associated with the Hepatitis A outbreak is Townsend Farms Anti-Oxidant Blend.


  1. Nicole Reilley says

    Is it safe to consume another blend by townsend…I purchased and have eaten Townsend Triple Berry Mix, (no pomegranite) from Sam’s.?

  2. Ann ford says

    If the Townsend Farms Mixed Berries is ‘Organic’ how can it possibly get contaminated by Non-Organic fruits? What’s the sense of growing Organic fruits if they are in the same factory line as non-organic?

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