June 2, 2020

FDA Extending Comment Period for GE Salmon

The FDA is extending the comment period of the environmental assessment of GE salmon by 60 days to April 26, 2013. AquaBounty Technologies, the company that is introducing the genetically modified fish, will have to wait longer for government approval of its product. Almost 30,000 comments were submitted to the Federal Register since it was posted in December 2012.

SalmonThe modified fish will grow twice as quickly as naturally occurring salmon while eating 25% less food.  The salmon would be the first transgenic animal to be approved by the government and introduced into the environment and the food chain.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, who opposes the so-called “Frankenfish” released a statement agreeing with the extension. She says that the FDA’s decision to move forward in the approval process is “flawed”, with many unanswered questions.

“The Friday before Christmas, the FDA announced they were moving forward with the approval process on Frankenfish by opening the comment period – this at a time when everyone understandably has their mind on the holidays and the Congress is in a transition period,” she said. “Despite those hurdles, I am proud that my Coastal Coalition in the Senate and those fighting with us – like the Alaskans in Sitka last weekend – have raised our voices and outrage to a level where the FDA relented and is giving us more time to further lay out the case against GE salmon.”

You can submit electronic comments to the government about GE salmon through April 26, 2013. Senator Murkowski is also sponsoring a bill that would make it illegal to possess, sell, transport, or purchase GE salmon in the U.S. unless and until “the NOAA approval process makes absolutely sure there is no harmful impact on the environment.” She has another bill, which requires that GE salmon is clearly labeled and identified so “consumers can have full faith in natural salmon and know the difference on grocery shelves so they can be sure they are purchasing the real thing.”



  1. Yaaaaaaay! Let’s keep doing all that we can to NOT allow GMO Salmon or any other GMO products! I believe that they are dangerous and unhealthy!
    Thank you!

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