November 18, 2020

FDA Lifts Advisory on Products Contaminated with DEHP From Taiwan

The FDA has lifted their advisory on products imported from Taiwan that were contaminated with the plasticizer DEHP. That chemical was illegally added to several food products as a clouding agent to improve emulsification. On June 1, 2011, the FDA Advisory No. 2011-008 recalled some of those products.

FDAThe government is monitoring and collecting food products to ensure that foods imported from Taiwan into the United States are safe. Lab tests done on food samples were found to be negative for the presence of DEHP, and the FDA has been monitoring unregistered food products. All food establishments must monitor imported foods and collect samples for lab testing.

The products that were contaminated were fruit juices, syrups, drinks, and one dietary supplement. DEHP is a phthalate, which can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, the reproductive system, and the hormone system in human beings. The compound is found in medical devices, and those with chronic, long-term exposure to DEHP may develop health problems. The developing fetus and babies are most vulnerable to DEHP exposure.

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