September 24, 2018

MO Bill Would Require GM Fish And Meat To Be Labeled

Missouri is the latest state to tackle the issue of labeling genetically modified (GM) foods. Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed has introduced a bill that would require all GM fish and livestock produced and sold within the state to be clearly labeled as genetically engineered.

GMO FreeThere is no federal law requiring GM foods to be labeled, so the issue has been taken up on the state level. In 2005, Alaska became the first, and so far only, state in the country to require that bioengineered fish be labeled.  A handful of other states, including California, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington  have all floated similar measures.  In  November, Californians voted down a ballot measure, Proposition 37, that would have required labeling all foods sold to consumers that were made from GM plants and animals. Last year, a bill requiring labeling of GM foods was propposed in the Washington Legislature, but died in committee. The issue has been revived again this year.  New Mexico’s state senate will consider a bill this session.  And in southern Oregon, a ballot measure banning GM crops from being produced in Jackson County will go to a vote in May 2014.

In Missouri, Senate Bill 155 requires any GM meat or fish raised and sold in the state to be clearly labeled starting  Sept. 1, 2015. The bill defines the term “genetically modified” to mean any animal or fish, including future offspring, whose genetic structure has been altered beyond natural conditions.

“I don’t want to hinder any producer of genetically modified goods. However, I strongly feel that people have the right to know what they are putting into their bodies. By requiring a label indicating genetic modification in their meat selection, Missourians will have the choice to purchase the G.E. foods or not. Citizens have the right to be informed and to make their own decisions based on education and information, “ state Senator Jamilah Nasheed, said in a statement about the bill.


  1. I didn’t think that there is a GM fish and GM Meat already.

    • Linda Larsen says:

      GMO salmon is almost ready for the market. AquaBounty Technologies has applied for approval of a GE (GMO – same thing) salmon that has a gene inserted that makes the salmon grow much more quickly. It looks like the FDA is going to approve it.

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