December 16, 2019

Food Poisoning Benches Mets First Baseman, Phillies Manager

New York Mets first baseman Lucas Duda and Philadelphia Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg say bad burgers from Shake Shack gave them food poisoning last week, according to ESPN.  Both men say the burgers they ate were undercooked.

Food Poisoning TorsoSandberg says he lost six pounds in two days. Duda, who was hospitalized, missed a game Friday but has since recovered and returned to play.

Thorough cooking is needed to kill foodborne bacteria such as E.coli or Salmonella which both cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea that can be bloody. Hospitalization is required when dehydration or complications develop.

There is some dispute over which Shake Shack location was involved. The Mets organization is looking in to it. In a statement to ESPN, a Shake Shack spokesman said the company first heard of the situation on Twitter. He said the company had not had any other reports of illness and that they were trying to get in touch Sandberg and managers at the Citi Field Shake Shack to learn more.




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