May 26, 2024

Foster Farms Salmonella Outbreak Sickened 134 in 13 States

The first of two Salmonella outbreaks linked to Foster Farms chicken during 2013 was announced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) one year ago this weekend. The outbreak sickened 134 people in 13 states, 33 people were hospitalized.

SalmonellaMost of those sickened, 71 percent, told health investigators that they had eaten Foster Farms chicken before they developing symptoms of Salmonella poisoning which include abdominal cramps, nausea and diarrhea.  Shopper card records showed nine case patients purchased Foster Farms chicken before illness onset.

The illnesses were scientifically linked to Foster Farms chicken through testing on stool samples from case patients and on leftover chicken samples collected from three patients homes. The outbreak strains were traced back to two Foster Farms slaughter establishments,  but the company did not issues a recall.

Most of the cases were reported from four states in the Pacific Northwest: Washington (57), Oregon (40), Alaska (13), and California (11). The remaining cases were reported from the following states: Utah (3), Idaho (2), Montana (2), Alabama (1), Virginia (1), West Virginia (1), New York (1), Hawaii (1), and Massachusetts (1).



  1. Roberta Orozco says

    What dates am i supposed to be looking at. I bought foster farms chicken breast with a use or freeze by date of 1/13/14 in which i froze. There is also a # P-6137A. I am not sure if this is consumable or not?

  2. We bought from Costco and froze, foster farms chicken thighs. Even though some has been consumed can we return unbeaten?

    • Linda Larsen says

      If you bought Foster Farms chicken during the dates specified, return the unused portion to Costco.

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