July 14, 2024

Jerky Pet Treat Manufacturers Set up $6.5 Million Fund

According to NBC News, two of the largest pet jerky treat manufacturers have created a $6.5 million fund to compensate dog owners whose animals were killed or made sick by their products. Nestle Purina PetCAre Co. and Wsggin’ Train LLC have reached an agreement with pet owners in a class action lawsuit announced May 30, 2014. The 158-page agreement is subject to approval by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Dog-and-CatThe companies do not accept blame in the settlement. A statement released by lawyers states, “Neither Waggin’ Train, Nestle Purina nor any of the consumers concede that their claims or their defenses were not valid. All parties entered into the agreement only to bring the litigation to a prompt and certain resolution.”

The FDA has stated that jerky pet treats imported from China are linked to 4,800 sick pets. More than 1,000 dogs have died after eating the treats in the law few years.  Three people who ate the treats also became ill. Last week the pet food chains PetSmart and Petco stated they will not longer sell jerky treats made in China, but they are simply phasing out the products, not immediately ending sales.

And the FDA has warned consumers that jerky treats are not necessary for a healthy animal’s diet. In spite of years of testing, the government has not been able to determine a cause for the illnesses. FDA officials visited China in 2012 and inspected the plants that manufacture Nestle Purina Products. They were not allowed to test the treats in any labs except those approved by the Chinese government.


  1. Stephanie says

    I’ve never bought jerky treats for my dog, they just don’t seem to be good for the dogs . But it’s really messed up such a big company is basically getting away with poisoning the dogs.

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